• Introductions !
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Easy pleasey, just introduce yourself! : D
Talk about your favorite hobby, when you started to make aviis
and etc. etc.

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Name`s Ayu nice to meet you all, i don`t really know what to say here ._.
well...don`t really i don`t have anything in my mind right now ^^
I help around this group for games, music and other stuff....o.o xD
Well i hope you guys enjoy this group! ROAR . I`M A POCKY MONSTA hehe <3

Pfft; My name on cr is ShadowSakuraNatsume ;D I don't space it cus I like it (;
Lmfao, People call me Kitty or Sakura,
My age is secrett, I enjoy making Avii's & stuff (: Lol,
Ima obviously a chickk ;3
So, Erm-- I don't watch anime muchh buut, yeahh.. ;P
Nicee to meet everyonee elsee! <3 (;
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Ciao ciao~

My name Nagihiko Hayashi, u can juz call me Nagi no adding chan or anything. I'm 14 years old girl who really loves anime/manga. I love KHR. I love Squalo. I likes arts, music, drawing manga. nice to meet ya all~ xP
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22 / F / Stalker!~
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hello~ my name's alice. i luv KHR. im not rlly that good @ making graphics even tho i've been making them for almost 2-3 years... bai-bai~~~
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Hi there, I'm Catie, though you may also call me Ouran-Chan or Mikan-Chan. I like playing RPG's like Rune Factory and Harvest Moon in my spare time. I've been making aviis for about a couple of months now, and I also enjoy doing that in my free time. It's a pleasure meeting everybody.
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F / ~ In The Sea of L...
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hi, I'm karen, and i love to read, writing, and draw, i'm an otaku, my friends think im jus crazy, but when i'm doing something that means alot to me, I'm serious. nice to meet you, hope you accept me here
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Hay Every1 o(≧v≦)o My name ish Yanyee But please call me Banana >v< Or other chu like ^3^ I dun really mind :PP Alsooo im neww at making graphics XD Soooo i dunno tooo :)) Hmm alsoo...speechless :O Ahaha anyway~ Nice to meet everyone <333
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22 / F / Pluto
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hi hi!! i'm animemusiklover AKA Loli :DD
I'm (not) a pro at photoshop and i LOVE drawing(though i fail)
I wanna try magical muffins, but i never get the chance D:
just drew this :)
hands are sooo annoying Dx
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24 / F / California
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hello everyone my name is Gaby i listen to all kinds of music and i play video games I take a long time to complete drawings which is why i stopped I suck at making graphics and i'm looking forward to meeting all of you ^_^
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Lady R e n says :

Hello all, I'm Ren pleasure to meet cha. I'm 13 years old, going to be 14 in September 15. -pauses to take a sip of tea and continues- If you wanna know more about me then add me and we'll chit-chat. BUT! IF you're only going to add me so I can be an extra number to your buddy list, I'm gunna shove a mackeral up in your bootum. >D Good bye!
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