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You're either here by mistake or you're here to help make the Academy fun. If you're the latter READ ON!





Subject: Teacher=Class Subject they wish to teach Headmaster=Dorm they wish to take care of

Information:(Post what you know about the subject you wish to teach in a spoiler if you please. If you know most things then you are accepted but I will send you to learn more about it.)


That's about it, I will decide if you can become one of not.

Headmasters Positions:

Headmaster of the Shinigami's Dorm
Headmaster of the Vizard's Dorm
Headmaster of the Quicny's Dorm
Headmaster of the Arrancar's Dorm

Teachers Positions:

Kido Section:
Morning Class Kido Teacher: chidori_chu716
Afternoon Class Kido/Cero Teacher: (open)
Evening Class Items Teacher: (open)
Night Class Cero Teacher: (open)

Hand-to-Hand Combat Section:
Morning Class Combat Teacher: (open)
Afternoon Class Combat Teacher: (open)
Evening Class Combat Teacher: (open)
Night Class Combat Teacher: (open)

Shunpo Section:
Morning Class Shunpo Teacher: (open)
Afternoon Class Shunpo/Sonído Teacher: (open)
Evening Class Techniques Teacher: (open)
Night Class Sonído Teacher: (open)

Swordsmanship Section:
Morning Class Swordsmanship Teacher: chidori_chu716
Afternoon Class Swordsmanship Teacher: (open)
Evening Class Bows & Arrows Teacher: (open)
Night Class Swordsmanship Teacher: (open)

~Note: If a teacher or headmaster becomes unactive for too long they will be remove from their position so some positions may be open soon.
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Username: chidori_chu716

Position: Teacher

Subject: I don't know if I can apply for two positions but I'd like to teach Morning Kido and Morning Swordsmanship

Information: You already know that I know what I know...You get the idea.

Squad/Group: Let's go with Shinigami Squad 10 :D

I hope it's not too early to start applying for positions.
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Of course not, never too early.
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Posted 10/9/10 , edited 10/9/10
Username: CKennedy10

Position: Headmaster

Subject: Morning Class
Information: I know about shinigami their skills etc etc and it's a good position to fill ?? I would punish students for their bad actions n will take responsibility to create missions or fellow seated officers.

Squad/Group: Squad 10 - shinigami (I'm 15th seat)

Hope that's ok :S x
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Thanks x
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Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/19/11
Username: Chidori88


Subject: Morning class hand-to-hand Combat(woulda preferred morning class swordsmanship, but it was taken)

Information: i know the best way to fight hand-to-hand. I practice once in a while and i know lots of tricks to hand-to-hand combat

Squad/Group: squad 4

also if there is a opening in morning sowrdsmanship please let me know
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