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Budget. What would you get? ~$25,000
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44 / M / TeeDot
Posted 3/4/13 , edited 3/4/13
Really depends on the number of seats / size you need ... in that range personally I'd look at:

-- Used Audi TT (especially in US, more difficult to find a good used inexpensive model in Canada). I have a 2008 TT roadster and still loving it (daily driver, is fine in Toronto winters with winter tires).
-- new FR-S (probably exceeds budget with taxes / options)
-- If you're under 5 foot 10 or so ... Fiat 500?
-- If practicality required, there's a number of hot hatchbacks that will provide a lot of fun / utility. Anywhere in the southern US (IE anywhere that doesn't salt the streets in winter) I'd be looking at used vehicles. Used Lancers / WRX can be found in that price range from what I understand.
-- If you really don't care about cars all that much, get a Civic, used or otherwise, and win on resale value when you trade up.
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Posted 4/22/13 , edited 4/22/13
2010+ mustang or bmw 3 series...
Posted 5/1/13 , edited 5/1/13
Either the ford cmax or priusv
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33 / M / Tullahoma, TN
Posted 5/4/13 , edited 5/5/13
05 Mini cooper S manual
04 Vw R32 Manual
and an E34 M5....manual.

I could buy all 3 of those for that price and have a grand left over to buy beer and brats.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 11/6/13 , edited 11/7/13
Closed due to inactivity. Its been over 6 months and no new posts. Locked.
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