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* Title: 秘密
* Title (romaji): Himitsu
* Episodes: TBA
* Viewership rating:
* Broadcast network: TV Asahi
* Broadcast period: 2010-Oct-15
* Air time: Friday 23:15

In the summer of 2007, Sugita Heisuke (Sasaki Kuranosuke), who works at an electronics manufacturer, passes his days as he typically does. In the house, his daughter, Monami (Shida Mirai) and wife, Naoko (Ishida Hikari), were hurriedly preparing to visit Naoko’s family home in Nagano. Heisuke sends them off. However, several hours later, an incident occurs and this mundane everyday life vanishes. A news flash on the television screen breaks the news that the bus carrying Naoko and Monami had plunged off a cliff. When Heisuke rushes to an acute care hospital in Nagano, his wife and daughter are unconscious and have been placed in the intensive care unit.

Naoko’s external injuries are bad but she miraculously survives. And Monami, whom Naoko had risked to protect, has very few external injuries but sustained brain damage. There is a high chance that she will not regain consciousness. Before long, Naoko momentarily comes to. However, she passes away in front of Heisuke. Right after that, Monami awakens but facial expressions and speech have disappeared from his beloved daughter … A funeral ceremony for Naoko is soon held. Heisuke, who has tried to endure the shock of her death, pours out his tears after the ceremony. Naoko was precious to him. At that moment, Monami recovers her speech. “Dear, I’m here.” Heisuke is filled with joy, However, in the next instant, Monami utters the unexpected, “I’m not Monami. I’m Naoko.” Heisuke cannot not believe it. His wife’s soul is dwelling in Monami’s body!


Shida Mirai as Sugita Monami

The only daughter of Sugita Heisuke and Naoko. A first year high school student. She was carefully nurtured by her parents and grew up healthy, but met with a bus accident and survive because her mother protected her. However, all that is left is Monami’s body because her soul switched places with Naoko’s.

Sasaki Kuranosuke as Sugita Heisuke

An engineer who deeply loves his wife and daughter. He learns that the soul of his wife has entered the body of their daughter, Monami, who survived the bus accident, and experiences joy mingled with despair.

Ishida Hikari as Sugita Naoko

Sugita Heisuke’s wife. She and Heisuke began going out during their university days, and decided to get married after discovering her pregnancy when they were about to graduate. She has devoted herself to homemaking and child rearing as a full-time housewife. She protected Monami in the accident and lost her life, but her soul inhabits Monami’s body.]

Motokariya Yuika as Hashimoto Taeko

Sugita Monami’s high school form teacher. A rookie teacher who has a strong sense of justice and does her best for students. While meddling in the affairs of Heisuke and Monami, she finds herself attracted to him.

Hashimoto Satoshi as Kosaka Yotaro

Sugita Heisuke’s close friend from university days and a brain surgeon. He had liked Naoko until Heisuke began dating her.

Hayashi Tantan as Kawabe Yurie

Sugita Monami’s classmate and close friend. She takes good care of Monami.

Ryusei Ryo as Soma Haruki

Sugita Monami’s classmate. He is dating Monami.

Horiuchi Keiko as Kajikawa Seiko

The wife of Kajikawa Yukihiro, who drove the express bus. After the bus accident, she was singled out for criticism by the victims. Her health has been damaged because of her anxiety.

Fukikoshi Mitsuru as Kajikawa Yukihiro

The driver of the express bus. He lost his life in the accident which resulted because he fell asleep at the wheel. While alive, he was cash-strapped and was found to have thoughtlessly volunteered to work overtime.

Credits : Jdrama Weblog + Dramawiki
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