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Posted 9/8/10 , edited 9/8/10
I would like to have a choice to remove Drama shows from the Now Showing/Coming Soon list...... I don't care about Drama shows, and they are a great annoyance when I look at the Now Showing/Coming Soon list, on the Main Page. I think the front page should be customizable when logged in..... a choice to remove specific animes I don't like or want to watch, would be good.

If CR is worried this will lower advertisement for certain shows.... then only allow premium members to do this... I NEVER plan to watch dramas... and I'm sure I am not the only one... As for anime, there are a few titles which I will never watch as well (particularly loli char anime, which there are currently THREE simulcasts that fit this description).

Allowing premium users to customize what they want on the front page, doesn't hurt anyone either.... since the key is CHOICE... you could either customize it to remove certain things... or leave it alone...Everyone would be happy.

****note to mods:

This is a feedback post, which happens to have a poll in it, to show CR statistically, how interested people are, in having these kinds of choices on the front page. So it DOES NOT belong in the poll forums... The best kinda feed back post, has polls, as well as user replies, to the post. By moving it, you would be taking away from my post, and burying it in a section of the forums (polls), where it will disappear in a matter of minutes, and fail to provide feedback. Due to the fast flow of random, silly, sometimes dumb, sometimes interesting posts, which users tend to reply to more than 1 at a time (burying the more intellectual/serious posts).**************************************************************
Posted 9/8/10 , edited 9/8/10
I'm in favor for it so others can enjoy it.
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Posted 9/8/10 , edited 9/9/10
I saw someone request this before he even made a picture it looked so freaking sweat he made it in that small suggestions forum you can find it if you go on their it was pretty neat.
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Posted 9/11/10 , edited 9/11/10
Would be up for this as well, (can't stand loli char type anime) xD
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