Anime Titles and some feedback
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Posted 9/8/10 , edited 9/9/10
You Guys always get Titles from Viz Media, But Basoukkun told me titles like FUNIMation One Piece can't be added on crunchyroll because they are owned by FUNIMation.

You are allowed to stream titles from other companies but you say because one piece is owned by FUNIMation it can't be on here? Why is that? I think one piece has the highest demand for an anime on crunchyroll, every person who likes anime and is on crunchyroll wants one piece I am being literally serious.

Also on another topic you guys most likely won't get episodes 136-265 of Bleach for awhile, Viz Media on their streaming video website only has 1-140 and they added 139 and 140 today I believe they add 2 episodes a week I believe, So You guys won't get all the bleach episodes till like june of 2011 if not later, Viz Media is going slow on the subs for bleach.

132-135 of Bleach dubbed and subbed on dvd in US By Viz media, Is coming out september 21st, we get a dvd each month, So Yeah Viz is slowly subbing Bleach I think they are finishing some other projects before working on bleach

Also here is some feedback for crunchyroll I had a 3 month membership on here, but I didn't feel like renewing for a little bit I got a free trial after my three month ended, I have to say some things about crunchyroll.

1. Your video player is amazing, Its so professional, probably the best video player, in the standard membership it is an ok video player but when you are a premium in 480p or 720p it is soooo great, few bugs here and their but really it is one of the best if not the best video player on the internet.

2. The Amount of Content is OK Could be better but content wise on your part is like 8/10 but by 2011 it most likely be higher you get a lot of titles. its only been a year and you have 50% of all anime titles in japan.
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