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Posted 9/10/10 , edited 9/11/10
Ok, in order to RP, you need to make a character!! Please fill out this chart, and if you have anymore you want to add go ahead!!:

Country: (where do they live)
Pace a the team of where they live:(like the leader of they team or a member? ps the can be more then one team for each country)
Other info: (other info you what people to know)

Ok, so once you fill that form out post it up here! Here is an example of the one I did:

name: Love

Country: Alaska, but moved to Japan
Pace a the team of where they live: Alaskan Captin (Yes, Alaska is apart of America, but whatever!)
Other info: Is playful and cute! Her mew mew is a puppy, just like her. She moved from Alaska to Japan only weeks ago when she learned that the evil people moved there. Although she seems childish she can be serious, and very bad temptered. She hates being wrong and losing. And can pumbled you easily! So don't mess with this American Exchanged student!!
Age: 14
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