[FAQ] Student Handbook
Posted 9/11/10 , edited 9/12/10
Here is where your questions will be answer by the Headmistress/Creator of Academy. But before you start asking please read the following Questions and Answers.

Question 1: What is this group about?

Answer: Group is not the correct term to call the Academy. Academy Bleach is where you can become a Shinigami Captain (Soul Reaper Captain to those who only watch the English Dub,); or even an Espada. But first you must complete 6 years at the Academy and then work your way up the ranks.

Question 2A: Do I really have to spend 6 years here just to finish the Academy course?

Answer: Of course not. You just have to complete assignments, win contests, etc. and with completeing all those fun tasks, you will gain AB Points.

Question 2B: Do I have to be on a certain time in the day? Ex: "If I'm in the Morning Class, do I have to be on in the Morning?"

Answer: Of course not, you can be online whenever you have the chance/want to be online.

Question 3: What are AB Points?

Answer: You must gain over 300 points in order to complete the Academy course. 100 Points to go up a rank when you are accpeted into ranks.

Question 4: How do I sign up for a class?

Answer: Click Here

Question 5: Where do I get an ID Card?

Answer: Click Here

Question 6: What are assignments?

Answer: Assignment are for the students in order to complete the Academy course. And they vary between species and classes. Check Group Profile for more details about the classes and species.

Question 7: What are missions?

Answer: You do not have to worry about missisons when you are in the Academy. But if you are a seated officer than missions are your tickets to become the strongest in your group/squad.

Question 8: When Missions and Assignments are complete what do you gain?

Answer: When you complete a mission or an assignment, you gain AB Points. See the Answer to Question 3.

Question 9: Where can I complete missions/assignments?

Answer: Check the forums. But make sure you get the right class. Ex: Night students can only complete the Night Class assignments.

Question 10: Where can I see the AB Points that I have gained?

Answer: CLICK HERE to see your AB Points.

Question 11: Can I just skip the Academy Course and go straight into the Ranks?

Answer: No you cannot but there is a way to skip the Academy. Well there are a few ways. It's either to become a Teacher or Mod. And if you get accepted then you are immendality accepted into the ranks.

Question 12: Where can I apply to become a Mod or Teacher?

Answer: Apply here to be teacher // headmaster // mod.

Question 13: Are we Role Playing of not?

Answer: Not yet but we will.

Question 14: Where can I post my ideas?

Answer: The Suggestion Box is coming soon.
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