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Academy Bleach is finally starting Role Playing. Yay, but in order to keep this organize, I wish for you to follow the following fomat.

NOTE:SInce half of you cannot read small font; I decided to post this in BIG FONT. PLEASE CHECK THE ROLE PLAY LIST before filling out the fomat; it saves you time.


Character You Wish to Claim(Full Name Please):
5 Sentences: On why you want this character. And no cause they're my fav character is not a reason.
Banner Picture: And it has to be the character you wish to be not just any character. And from now, the pictures cannot be FANART

Banners are to prove that you are (Enter Character's Name Here) and no one else is. And your banner will be personally be made by me, but if you wish to see my skill or make your own; then state so in your fomat. And if you wish to make your own, then I will PM you what your banner requirements.

Sorry for all the work you need to put in but if you complete the fomat correctly you will get your character and 40 AB Points! And additional 50 AB Points to have your Role Playing Banner in your CR Profile. (Please visit the AB Points Forum to get them)

List of Characters


Username: kairiXhinataXhyuga65
Character: Ulquiorra Cifer
Paragraph: One of the many reasons why I wish to be Ulquiorra Cifer is because his personality matches my own quite well. I am very calm and analytical when it comes to things. I'm also very cold and indifferent when it comes to people. And if I lose interst in things, well it is as he says 'trash'. And I'm also very loyal and will not hesitate when taking orders. And my nickname at school matches his resurrección somewhat. (Don't ask)

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Username:zero of the sharingan
Character Aizen Sosuke
5 Sentences: The reason why i want this character is that he's cocky strong calm like me and dmc3 vergil . Aizen is like another vergil man like he when he draws his sword no expression no hestitaton he's is confident in what he does and there is no power that can reach him. Now that Aizen is on the bad it makes him look cooler than ever with the vergil hair style and his zanpukto Kyōka Suigetsu complete controll over the senses . Aizen has his own emotions, anger, hatred, bitterness and, who knows, even sadness against the world as it is now. I like how Aizen would have a conversation and make the person look dumb it's dos equis .
Banner Picture:
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