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Posted 9/12/10 , edited 9/12/10
O.k as I said in the rules, every auther must create her/his own forum topic and publish her stories in pages.
I have three stories ready but for now I'll publish one.

Letting Go
My first story which I wrote after a long vacation XD All of us have their lives,thus have our own hardships, some of them we can discuss,some - are always in our hearts and no matter what we can't talk about them with anybody nor family,nor friends, maybe only with strangers. But what if that life,that loss or any other memory won't leave us,won't give us time and thus we live in past and not in present, what to do than, read about such hard time of one,lonly girl and find out.

Hope to get your opinions. You can write comments either here or in my page. Read story at Content Creation's page
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