every single thing started with a single Stupid game !!!

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Posted 9/13/10 , edited 9/13/10

You wake up form you sleep early cuz you are tired from sleeping….

So you go talk with your brothers, but still you cant find any thing new to talk about cuz you are already with them for whole 3 month of vacation so the thing that happen to them happen to you also.

Then you go play this online game cuz its really fun, and you try to help one single person to lvl up and you are waiting to hear him or her to say thank you for helping me cuz you are so bored and trying to do something nice to some worthless people but in the other hand you hear “ offff what are you doing me by myself can lvl up faster without you!!!” ( and all of that because she doesn’t wait for me to tell her that there was some problem with the connection and it was so slow that I couldn’t kill that fucking monster which I was more than strong for him…..)

So you gets angry and you remember that they are some people and cute babe that you care about and you wants them to know how bad you feel after meeting a person that don’t know how to say thank you to people who helped them…
So you open msn and go to the group, but guess what you cant find any one there, you start to say hello people , is there any alive person want to have a talk… and here comes the Angel to help you by saying hi, you feel very happy and start by asking the angel about her life but you cant find the answer so you say : ammm I guess that there are really no one alive here to talk to, and here comes the Angel says
ممممم صح

Even though you don’t care about the Angle and waited for you friend Zoro to help you with you bad bad day, the Zoro has came and you are very very existed to tell him every think about your bad day by starting to say : I am not good I am really mad… at first the Zoro pay attention to you and listen to your miserable story, but suddenly he notice that the Angle is online and he say while you are telling your story: oh Angel is here why are you so quite today!!!!!!! You close the msn as fast as you can after you told them how rude they were to you…..
ولكن لا حياة لمن تنادي

So you go to CR to read some topics and you find out that there are to massages in your inbox and without opening them you know who send them……..

After all of this I didnt give up and texted my dude to call me ( cuz I don’t have Rased)……. But no one calls……

One question for you readers, how would you feel after this long, bad, **** day ?!?!?!
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Zoro = me

and sry man , never ment anything by it ...

chear up ...

and which dude to call u?
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Posted 9/13/10 , edited 9/14/10
Posted 9/14/10 , edited 9/14/10
sigh ....
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*hug u *

a7s'h waaid sad day ..

بس انا عادي عندي ما بسويلهم سالفه بمشي يومي .. ما اخذ بخاطري :P

bs yea 7laaat'h when you feel that somone mawjood 3shan ysm3k
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Posted 9/17/10 , edited 9/17/10
lo0ol nice one walla dom t9erly xD

keep it Up
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Posted 2/8/11 , edited 2/9/11
if you have bad day at the night look into the mira and say what did i lose ??
than yo wll forget ..i think..what was in that >.<
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