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lets be mushy, describe your dream boy/girl
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F / California
Posted 9/15/10 , edited 9/16/10
be super descriptive ladies and gents better yet, put pictures!
lets be a lil' real too lol
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Posted 9/16/10 , edited 9/16/10

^ 'Nuff said.
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28 / M / Goldsboro, North...
Posted 9/16/10 , edited 9/16/10
I don't really have that many preferences on looks. Preferably hot, and brunette, but that's about it. I at least want her to be mildly attractive, I guess that's the minimum requirement for the looks department. White/Black/Asian/Hispanic/Indian/other, it doesn't matter, though I will say that I prefer lighter skinned people rather than super dark (this goes for white people with super tans, too). Oh, and I don't like girls who are taller than me, but I can easily deal with like an inch or so taller than me. So, around 5'0" to 5'5" (I'm 5'5")

As for personality... kind of like a clone of me. It's not like I love myself like that, it's just I would love to be with someone who's so similar to me.

1. Someone who doesn't smoke, drink, or get tattoos because they DON'T WANT to, not because they can't.
2. Someone who doesn't like parties, dances, or social occasions in general.
3. Someone who doesn't like to go out to eat, and possibly doesn't even like a lot of food such as what's served in restaurants.
4. Someone who is somewhat knowledgeable and intelligent, basically not a bonehead.
5. Someone who is not selfish, and preferably not to giving either, but I can watched them on that one as long as they're willing to listen, which is also something I want.
6. Someone who loves fiction, wild ideas, realistic ideas, all sorts of imagination.
7. Someone who loves technology.
8. Someone who is full of hope for the future, and doesn't view the human race as something that deserves to go to hell.
9. Someone who doesn't believe in hell, or any religion... consideration is fine, but I think blindly believing in something such as religion should be a regretful act.
10. Someone who is honest, with me and with herself.
11. Someone who isn't entirely happy with who they are, because they realize that everybody has room for improvement, but doesn't hate themselves either.
12. Someone who isn't too spazzy. It's cute when girls have a bagillion smiley faces on posts, but it gets annoying, FAST. You're allowed to spaz every now and then... just don't make it every other hour...
13. Someone who at least understands computer basics... at least how to turn one on...
14. Someone who would value me over their dreams. I know this is a lot to ask, but honestly I would give up everything, possibly even my life, when I fall in love, and it just hurts when a girl can't return those feelings (and it's not as though I want to put a girl in a situation where they have to choose).
15. Someone who is not a die-hard fan of any celebrity or... anything. It's okay to really love something, but don't get obsessive, I swear...
16. Someone who is close to my age!
17. Someone who likes Anime and loves video games, and not just because they're thinks that I like!
18. Someone who likes sex . Actually I prefer that they're a virgin! I'd rather us both not know WTF we're doing when it first happens

And last, but NOT LEAST...

Someone who can fill the holes in my personality. Of course I'm not perfect, but no matter how much self improvement I go through, I'll never be perfect if I don't have someone that can help me. And of course they'll have holes in their personality that I can fill. We all have some faults, but through relationships, we can be perfect.

Though, in actuality, it's not as if I need the perfect woman. I'm definitely able to try and works things through with many people. And if the perfect girl ever came my way, and I was in a relationship, she'd have to wait until I fell out of love, or the relationship ended somehow.
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F / Youtube!
Posted 9/16/10 , edited 9/16/10
My. Boyfriend.

:D <33
Posted 9/16/10 , edited 9/16/10
I really don't know to be honest,
I guess someone who's honest & sweet.
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Florida, US
Posted 9/16/10 , edited 9/16/10

*understands my hardships with graduate school
*has aspirations of her own
*conveys her affection for me in public without hesitation
*isn't readily influenced by everything her girlfriends tell her
*shares or @ least embraces some of my hobbies
*works out habitually (abs = yum)
*intuitively knows when something is wrong & will take steps to amend it
*is enthusiastic about "our" time, whether it be sex or just cuddling
*simply loves to live in the moment with me

Posted 9/16/10 , edited 9/18/10
Someone who's poetic, realistic, intelligent (but not an ass about it,) and sort of mysterious so I can never know enough. That's usually part of the attraction for me. Looks don't really matter as long as he exudes that confidence I'm after. I think a lot of guys look good, so there's no specific hair color or build or anything.

He cannot be someone I can walk all over or we have a serious problem. But he has to be that person in a mental way.

I also want him to accept who I am sexually. It's really rare for me to meet someone like that.
Posted 9/16/10 , edited 9/16/10
Just someone who gets me
Posted 9/16/10 , edited 9/16/10
Mmm... I don't care how the person looks...
I don't like guys who go for me because of how i look...
I always look for the inside :]
I met the perfect one Well... Kind of perfect.
Eventho He lives 12 hour drive away from me, But We're willing to visit each other every month :)
Hes coming 2.5weeks >___<
He is very sweet- He would call me everyday, and tell me he loves me. We would talk till 3am.
Webcam everyday...Hoping to see eachother again...
He knows how i feel... Very understanding and He's smart...
Hes also very caring... Hes a really good boyfriend
I love him so much. <3
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27 / F / Europe~
Posted 9/16/10 , edited 9/16/10
- Someone with a great smile
- Taller than me by at least 2 inches (I'm 5'7" I think... metric system ftw! I'mz 172 cm ^^)
- Doesn't dress like bum
- I'snt too skinny or too fat or too buff

- Has a somewhat similar sense of humor as me
- Someone who can can handle silence without getting all awkward
- Someone who understands my values but I can still fight with
- Someone who isn't too needy because I don't really show too much affection
Last but not least...
- Someone who doesn't freak out when he know my eating habits

I'm not that picky, it's just that my walls don't break that easily ^^

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Posted 9/16/10 , edited 9/16/10
@ freyt Good luck with that

Im going to be realistic and say the chance of meeting my "dream girl"( if I ever had one) is 1 to 6 billion or more, for me anyway.

The qualities I want for a girl is attractive in my eyes, intelligent, and not lazy; thats about it.
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27 / M / Baltimore, MD
Posted 9/16/10 , edited 9/17/10
ive met mine before
could smoke pot and drink with her, likes tattoos, she has dremas, could watch a movie with.
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F / Waiting for somew...
Posted 9/16/10 , edited 9/17/10
Someone who understands me, and someone who keeps me interested and is interested in what I say. Needs to be hardworking, can't slack off, and needs to be able to understand my dreams. I don't want someone clingy, nor do I want to cling onto someone too much. Dreams are too much to sacrifice, what if we have a fallout, and I had thrown away all my education? I refuse to do that. I need stability, yet fun and thrill.
Posted 9/16/10 , edited 9/17/10
A male version of me. Just a bit taller.
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27 / M / Calibaby.........
Posted 9/16/10 , edited 9/17/10
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