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Put in your list of jutsus.
The number of jutsu is given like this.
Special Ops-40

(Tailed beasts +25
Akatsuki Leaders +15
Akatsuki Members +10
Cursed Mark +10
Kekkei Genkai +10)
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akuryou wrote:

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Lightning Senbon:Wolfram sends electricity inside a senbon and throws it at his opponent.
Rain of Thunders:Wolfram uses his Alquanice umbrella to spread lightning senbons around the field,a senbon can go as far as 10 km away.
Field of Lightning:This skill requires the skill Rain of Thunders.The lightning senbons spreaded around the place will generate stronger electricity and aim at the opponent.(Note:The senbons fire lightning,they don't fire themselves.)
Lightning Wolves.Skill can be used individually or a combo using Field of Lightning.If used when Field of Lightning is activated a pack of lightning wolves will come from the sky and attack the opponent targeted by the senbons.
Lightning Dragons:Works the same as Lightning Wolves
Spirit Gun(Bolt):Using two fingers,thumbs and index finger,Wolfram generates a great amount of electricity and fires at at his opponent.
Spirit Shotgun(Bolt):Works like Spirit Gun,except it shoots 12 bolts
Spirit Blast(bolt):Wolfram will generate Lightning energy on his hand.After a while he will aim the blast at his opponent.
Spirit Bomb:(Bolt):Wolfram creates a giant ball of lightning and throws it at his opponent.
Fists of Lightning:Wolfram puts an amount of lightning on his hand.Any punches delivered from him will be fatal.

Cell Of Water:Works like Water Prison,but water creature constantly attack the person trapped inside.
Waterworks:Wolfram's hand,like Deidara's will open a mouth.It will spit out water that would have a 70% chance of melting the things it touches.
Water Slide:Using Waterworks,Wolfram uses the properties of Waterworks to shoot himself up in the air,while Waterworks is still active,Wolfram twirls himself around.Making a water tornado.The water tornado will go berserk and destroy things that it touches.Anyone who touches it will get cuts everywhere on their body.
Absolute Defense(Water Style):It is like Gaara's sand Absolute defense,but this has more resistance.
Water Whirlpool:A water whirlpool will appear wherever the user wants to use it on and the person will be sent to the next dimension.Much like Tsukiyomi's technique but the hurt is real.
Spiral Water:The user can activate this to create water around him and spin for defense.This can be used on Absolute Defense(Water Style) to make it better.
Disguised as one:This allows the user to hide anything in a weapon made up of water,even the whole world would be fine.When he throws this weapon at the opponent water will splash at him and the next thing he knows,he is surrounded by weapons.This requires a genius user to make it work,it has to be at the perfect place and perfect angle to make a perfect surrounding of weapons at the opponent.
Hakaisha no Mizu:As a very talented ninja,Wolfram created this move.When this move was created,Mizuke was training on a giant plain ground,a ground enough to fit 20 giant craters.He created this move while he was resting,he put some water nature chakra on his hand,then it became bigger,and it formed a shape of a ball.He then pushed it on a tree,when it exploded,it destroyed the whole training field.The whole place was wrecked,destroying the place with water nature chakra,thus its name.
Water Clone Jutsu:Excactly what its name is

Great Ball Of Fire:Wolfram concentrates on his chakra and shoots a big ball of fire
Fists Of Fury:Wolfram coats both his arms with Fire,attacks from this fists will be fatal.
Crimson Drill:Coating his arms with hot and sharp fire,Wolfram is easily able to dig through the hardest objects.Wolfram will break many hole and surround the opponent with a moat.Wolfram can then dig to the middle of the earth,releasing lava that would injure or kill the opponent.
Molten Demon:Wolfram will use his vast knowledge of flame crafting to coat himself with hot Molten amour.It also serves as a great offensive weapon.It will not hurt him as it is cool on the inside.Hugging a academy student using this has a high rate of killing them.
Exchange:Wolfram using flame crafting,he will exchange his body parts to his tailed beasts.Using this skill,only two parts of the body can be exchanged.Any more and he will tire himself out and resort to switching to the real twelve tailed beast.Very much like Gaara's technique.

Stylings Of The Moon(Can only be used when the moon is out and when a katana is in the hand):
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