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Posted 9/17/10 , edited 9/17/10
I recommend these manga " LOVE IN THE MASK" if you have read it, you know what im trying to say. but if you havent read just give it a try you will like, these story has a lot of emotion and a lot of stuff going on, that in real life has happen and could happen, just read and for my opinion i love and every time i read I can feel all the emotion, feeling going through your body and how sad it is and you will know when you read it then tell me what you think about this manga.
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Posted 9/25/10 , edited 9/25/10
I recommend the manga "7th Period Is A Secret" it's only 3 chapters long but it is very good and cute and it shows that love can overcome problems and that even if you feel like people aren't your friends they may be.
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Posted 3/25/13 , edited 3/25/13
I had a lot of recommendation for you guys. I love funny mangas. I have to recommend SKIP BEAT sorry people but I love that manga so baddddddddddd. I'm addictive to this manga, cant wait for the update on April 5th.

I did a Fan Group right here!
Skip beat 4ever

You can read it here!

I love this manga because it so different from others. I dont get bored from read it and it always made you expect something next. I just love it. If i started talking about skip beat we will never end. lol I hope you like it.!!!
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