Hibari's Reception Room
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Hibari's World

Welcome to my world. Here you learn most things about GIMP. If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask. I do not accept students WITHOUT their ID sooo go get yours if you want to ask and/or participate.
What I'm Looking For...

I'm looking for good students that listens good. I dont care if you're hot. I don't care if you're pretty. I don't give a damn if you're beautiful. All im looking for is good students.

Read the following...

-Don't ask stupid questions
-Keep your mine focused when entering
-Show ID whenever you ask and/or comment
-Do not spam my classroom
-Keep all bad comments to yourself
-I don't mind if you show your skills but they must be good
-Do not steal ANYTHING from me
-And listen to me


A Little Something About Me...

I want to share a little something about me. I do not tolerate bad behavior. If you do anything rude in my class you will be kicked out. If you do not follow rules and/or listen i will bite you to death. I can be very strict but i can be nice if you're one of my good students. Also i can be funny funny sometimes.
GIMP 2.6

GIMP 2.6 is the editing program i personally use. I don't know how to sue photoshop nor know how to use picnik. So don't ask if i can do a tutorial about Photoshop or something.
Tutorials Done

I made these tutorials myself. Do not claim yours and/or rip/steal. I will bite you to death if you do.

I have done...

-Glowing Beams
more coming soon...
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Glowing Beams

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