Post Reply Tells something that happend today???
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*thank to Heartless Operations* if u feel i am steeling something please pm *i will not get mad**i will do what is right*

*Tells something that happend today to u*
something cool ,funny ,sad
express your feelings to us *we will help*
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September 18
Posted 9/18/10 , edited 9/18/10

*Many things happen to me today*
* I make a new group i am happy
*i am becoming each day more better in graphics,
*I make a peanut butter ,jelly sandwich*
*i was waching anime,and drama*

i think my day is going so far okay -smiles-
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I got a cute daughter called Cammy~ 8'DD
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September 19
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*nothing much!!
i am going to church today::

*i am will do community serves
in church i will help all my hobos :3*GO HOBOS*
ang give food *sundays i am a angel lol*if u think*
*i willl make this group more popular
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