Any one going to NYC comic con? check this out!
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Posted 9/18/10 , edited 9/19/10
Was wondering if there is anyone going to NYC comic Con in October??

The convention will have both anime elements and american comics.. it's my first time going to a big mix con like this so I hope maybe I can get an opinion...

also my friend who is very talented has a booth, first time.. please check out the work I am very hopeful for the project too. (My friend is the artist, not in the video sadly... ) not spam but I thought I be nice and spread the word

Oh yeah if any one is checking out the project PM me so I can look out for you at the Con... I have a costume idea...

Posted 10/3/10 , edited 10/3/10

PS. I would love to go but i have no ride and am broke T^T
And the New York Anime Festival is going on at the same time and Yuki Nagatos voice actor is gonna be there...
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Posted 10/7/10 , edited 10/8/10
sigh wish I could go myself found out Yoshiki will be at comic making a special announcement with Stan Lee.

I already went to X japan's 2 shows in Los angeles, but for anyone going to the panel for Yoshiki and Stan Lee has a chance to win 2 tickets for the X japan show on the 10th.
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Posted 10/29/10 , edited 10/29/10

What is Ookii Doki? RoboDee and Beetron thought that New York needed more anime/manga/ video game specific events- something that would give otaku something to do throughout the year as well as create a nice community of anime fans in NYC (and now, all over the world in our forum!) Thus, Ookii Doki was born. Join us, suggest ideas and help us grow!

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The forum is brand spankin' new so we don' t have many topics going. Breathe life into it! :]
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