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Games you wish that were on the Playstation console?
Posted 9/19/10 , edited 9/20/10
As the title says.

hypothetically speaking, Is there a game from any console you wish that was released (or re-released) on [any] Playstation system?

There's a few I'd like to see come to my favorite invention just to see how it'll be: Shenmue (I don't think that came to psx), MGS: The Twin Snakes, Crazy Taxi, Zombies ate my neighbors, That fighting game where you break the opponent's bones (forgot the name), & more. I'd like to see them on ps3 though for graphics.

couldn't find a duplicate. if there is one, mods do your thing.
Posted 9/19/10 , edited 9/20/10
well there is always a way to play those games on other systems but it takes a lot modding and re writing of the games to do so. I do it for a lot of of my ps1 games to psp games.
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F / Virgina, USA
Posted 9/19/10 , edited 9/20/10
Zelda, especially Ocarina of time. One of the BEST game series of all time. I don't own any Nintendo systems I wish it was on PS3
Posted 9/22/10 , edited 9/23/10
That would be cool if that game was available on the system.

I also wanted Left 4 Dead on ps3 as well because I wanna play it. -.-
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Posted 9/24/10 , edited 9/25/10
Mario Kart Double Dash. That has to be one of the best games EVER!!! I'm sorry, but that game is like crack. It's so fun and addicting.
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30 / M / CA
Posted 9/25/10 , edited 9/25/10
It would be incredibly awesome if MGS: The Twin Snakes was released on on of the playstations. I mostly just wish they make all of the PS3 able to play PS2 games.
Posted 9/30/10 , edited 10/1/10
dead or alive 4 and few other top games of all time
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22 / F / In Your Closet O.O
Posted 10/14/10 , edited 10/14/10
Harvest Moon, I'll die if there isn't one for PS3. ;-;
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23 / M
Posted 10/16/10 , edited 10/17/10
hmm a mgs series remake, and a jak and daxter game/remake. A harvest moon would be nice
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Posted 11/5/10 , edited 11/5/10
zombies ate my neighbors would b hard on the ps3 but other games: goldeneye(the original 64)
capcom vs t
mario kart double
killer instinct
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32 / M / United States
Posted 11/7/10 , edited 11/7/10
Final Fantasy VII remake. Only logical answer.
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27 / M / Guess
Posted 11/9/10 , edited 11/9/10
All those Nintendo Games that made Nintendo what it is- not Square Enix.
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35 / M / My own world
Posted 11/11/10 , edited 11/11/10
I think Mass Effect would be better on the PS3 then the 360
Posted 11/26/10 , edited 11/26/10
I got the PS3 slim; less pace but a lot more features. Now they've announced one with more space and just as many features.

I wish they would make the Super Robot Wars OG games for the PS3. CR have an awesome anime adaptation called Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector.

Fingers crossed these announcements pull through:
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Posted 12/9/10 , edited 12/10/10
There is...

Muramasa: Demon Blade
Fatal Frame 4: Mask of The Lunar Esclipse
Tatsunoko VS Capcom

Those are the current games that I'm tracking and hopes that it'll make it to the PS3 somehow. Also the Wii has some awesome horror games too.
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