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Posted 9/20/10 , edited 9/21/10
Ever have a story consider different, original or stands out from other mangas or graphic novels you have ever read?

If so, come right in and post up your ideas right here. :)

The format is quite simple:



Well, let's get started.


Genre-Adventure, comedy, fantasy, shounen

Synopsis-17 year old David Kayden decides to travel the world, a decision he comes to regret after facing a hurricane head on. Upon awakening, he finds himself in a mysterious part of the globe, as he makes every attempt to head home, confronting one obstacle after another.
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Posted 1/18/11 , edited 1/19/11
Title: Gaurdian Angel

Genre: Magical Girl, Shojou, Humor, Fantasy

Synopsis: Fukui Akira was just a normal girl in Tokyo when she is attacked. A misterous man recuses her and tells her that she is a gaurdian, a special type of angel who's job it is to protect th word from evil. High School just got a whole lot more instresting. A typical Magical Girl formula (random school girl is given magic powers to defend the world from evil and blah blah blah)

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Posted 2/1/11 , edited 2/1/11
Title: Bronze
Genre: Humor, Lifestyle, Shonen
Synopsis: Leon Hartner is a typical high school student in the United States but is gifted with something special. He has the mind of a god letting him have mind over matter. He can do anything he set his mind to do but because of his insecurity and low confidence, he hardly succeed in anything. With the help of his friends, he slowly gain confident and adapts to his ability.
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Posted 11/8/11 , edited 11/8/11

Genre-Horror, Psychological, Seinen

Synopsis-For as long as she could remember, Anne Woods has always feel like an outcast in her hometown, suffering from constant abuse wherever she goes. But when discover she can control her own grudge and direct them to her tormentors in the most vicious ways, Anne decides that it's time to exact revenge on those who had shunned her.
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Posted 11/10/11 , edited 11/11/11
Title: Majutsushi Hanto [Magician Hunt]

Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Spiritual

Synopsis: A great magician with the power of the elusive Blood Magic has destroyed the peace of the New World with his own hands. By his actions, factions formed, wars began, terror spread throughout the land, and the peace that was held for so long vanished. Now a group of individuals seek to hunt down the magician in hopes to restoring the peace that once was. Though they are not aware of each others' personal goals, they will do whatever it takes to complete their mission in the most largest of man hunts of our time.

Main Characters:

A young boy with a demonic alter-ego seeking to find his lost brother who disappeared after the Battle of Fiends*. He is often accompanied by his childhood friend Rika. Rain never wears shoes in his travels and prefers to only wear pants, yet he is constantly insisted on wearing normal clothing.


Rain's childhood giddy friend. Rika is a second-year high school student who is too smart for her own good. Yet she is highly naive and embarks on most of Rain's travels. Somehow she manages to do this and go to school all at the same time.


An agent of the CROW* Order. Calm, cool, and collected is his motto; unless of course he has to fight. He is heavily focused on his mission to keep an eye on a certain individual at all times.


A bounty hunter who seeks the great magician. He prides himself on being a powerful hunter utilizing his large shuriken to the fullest. Known to be emotionless, he often kills those who oppose him without a second-thought. His younger brother Keiji seeks him out, but he cares not for even his own blood.


A cunning, seductive, and vicious death dealer to anyone who seeks the great magician. She is fascinated by Rain and his abilities after a skirmish that took place a year ago. Her infatuation with Rain's alter-ego "Dark Moon" is almost as a priority for her than protecting the whereabouts of the magician.

Why did I write so much? Well I actually want to write this story out. XP

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