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Posted 9/21/10 , edited 9/22/10

^ the girl in the banner is me !
[I'm half Korean half puerto rican, I speak Korean
and english only though]

I want to start off telling you guys why I like ryoga, lol...pretty funny story. ^_^')
well a friend of mine came to visit me earlier this year, and I was showing her
a whole bunch of jrock bands I like, right? OK so, I told her I knew about 100
bands and that , that's just how much I like jrock. so she's listening and rolling
her eyes most of the time, and I show off all the bands I like, then suddenly I reach
98 bands...and she looks at me and goes..."er? can you not count? *lol* it's 98 not
100" and I'm like " i know im not done !" and she just looks at me all smug like
she won or something i couldn't have that so I go " oh yeah ! I forgot!
I like the band lulu too! in your face!!! " *keep in mind I already
listed lulu and she doesn't care anyway so she wont know "cough" *
and she goes " 1 more to go fool"
then I make up a name out of the blue " puh...a band named vivid..." and she looks
at me and laughs cuz the knows I'm " lying" and I keep harping on it " there is such a band!"
and in google I type *prays first, dear god .... let there be such a band" im not jk either
and I type " vivid jrock" into the search engine and then the first thing I see is a picture
of ryoga with a caption that it showed he used to be in a band called ZiL da-da-da-dara"
and I like literally leap for joy! and she looks all defeated and pointless lmfao. so later
on that day we were across the street at the park and I keep thinking about the picture
of ryogo and I'm giggling to myself " he's fine" *cough cough* so when we go in she
takes out her DS and completely ignores me , while I spend pretty much 5 hours figuring out
more about ViViD ...but...ryoga mainly *har har har* and since then ryoga has been to my
interest. I guess you can say he saved my a** ! lol. so for those who
listened to this thank you XD. have fun in my club !
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Posted 12/6/10 , edited 12/7/10
Thanks for creating this group! That's quite an interesting story you have! I started to like Ryoga when I came across an english fansite translating ViViD members' blogs, and I found his (translated) blog the most interesting so I started researching more about him.
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