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Posted 9/21/10 , edited 10/6/10
I was so freaked out when i Heard that Togainu no chi was announed!!And the best is that the first episode is out on 7.10.2010 Here is a link for the Trailer:
Posted 10/7/10 , edited 10/7/10
The first episode was so cool and the second is coming out on october the 14 th !
Posted 10/8/10 , edited 10/8/10
Yeah i thought so too the first episode gave me the thrill =) I really think its going to be shonen-ai[cause they omit the yaoi]
Posted 10/11/10 , edited 10/11/10
Thanks for the post :3
Posted 10/15/10 , edited 10/15/10
no problem anyway -.-'' the next episode i mean the third is gonna come out in japan 21.10.2010 so i think the subbed version would come out on the 22.10.2010
Posted 11/5/10 , edited 11/5/10
Im Waiting for the 6 episode to come out !!!
Posted 11/12/10 , edited 11/12/10
im at ep 6 where keisuke had took rain nd knocked akira out awww cant wait for the ep 7 nd about ure post HayatoG it seems u were right but i hope keisuke doesnt die D:
Posted 3/4/11 , edited 3/4/11
Okay since im not gonna spoiler here im not gonna say anything but the end was so sad >.>
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Posted 2/18/12 , edited 2/18/12
Sadly the anime is over... it was different from the manga ...some things were left out or more like rushed seemed a bit strange..Perhaps because there was no real Yaoi in it? xD don't know
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