Is the United States the real terrorist in the world?
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I want to hear your opinion and I do consider them the real terrorist in the world. If the U.S commited atrocity is not consider a terrorist attack, but why? Because their reson behind all of this to establish world peace, and because of weapon of mass destruction and such and such. The killing of innocent civilian or killing at all, is not establishing world peace or will start it, war lead to more war.

Where ever the United States goes there are problems. The USA seems to be the bully of the world and we are not well liked throughout the whole world. The United States is at war on the average of "one war every 10 years". ( Give or take a few years here and there ) The world has had enough of the bulling and Iraq will go down in defeat just like Vietnam and Korea. The USA are the trouble makers. What do you think?

Posted 9/22/10 , edited 9/22/10
Maybe. Many places in different parts of the world are guilty of acts of terrorism, but asking is US the main cause of all this tyranny is a bit dubious. I'll edit my post later, I'm having writer's block seriously. =_=
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