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Fact About Gackt

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Posted 1/8/08 , edited 1/9/08
This is result on searching about gackt

1. Gackt reads instruction manuals very thoroughly.
2. Gackt likes coconut milk incense.
3. Gackt always wants to be the best at everything.
4. Gackt claims that his birthday is July 4, 1540, but will not give the exact date for publicity reasons.
5. Gackt has worked as a runway model for Yoshiyuki Konishi.
6. Gackt has a collection of knives, guns, candle sticks, DVD movies, artificial flowers, and skull-shaped interior goods in his house.
7. Gackt was voted #1 in ORICON Magazine's 'Sexiest Male Singer' ranking in September of 2005.
8. Gackt is a fan of Apple computers, and has become an unofficial spokesman for Apple.
9. Cloud Strife, Squall Leonhart, and Tidus are Final Fantasy Characters based off Gackt.
10. Gackt admires Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan, John Travolta, and Nicolas Cage.
11. Gackt has two pets, a female Maine coon cat named Mei, and a female miniature dachshund dog named Belle Constantine Chappy.
12. Gackt has a personal friendship with Ayumi Hamasaki.
13. Gackt's name is spelled "Gakuto" in Japanese.
14. Gackt was forced to learn the piano even though he hated it.
15. Gackt prefers candles over electric lights.
16. Gackt released an autobiography called Jihaku in 2003.
17. Gackt starred in Moon Child with Hyde of L'Arc~en~Ciel, and a close friend.
18. Gackt appears in the Japanese drama Hero's Hero.
19. Gackt was asked to write and perform Metamorphoze and Kimi ga Matteiru kara for Zeta Gundam: A New Translation.
20. Gackt is cited as the model for Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII.
21. Gackt performed Tsuki no Uta for Texhnolyze.
22. Gackt voiced Seiji in New Fist of North Star.
23. Gackt has appeared in a Japanese commercial for Metal Gear Solid 2.
24. Gackt did some voice work on the video game Bujingai.
25. Gackt has been acting in TV commercials.
26. Gackt calls his fans "Dears."
27. Gackt started a band called GacktJOB.
28. Gackt started learning to play piano when he was three.
29. Gackt's parents are both musicians.
30. Gackt: It's not that I want to win, it's just that I don't want to lose.
31. Gackt's real name could possibly be "Satoru Okabe", according to researchers.
32. Gackt also claims to be a vampire.
33. Gackt was part of a Japanese band called Malice Mizer, but went solo.
34. Gackt's favorite comic is Banana Fish.
35. Gackt's eyesight is 3.5.
36. Gackt's shoe size is 25.5.
37. Gackt's ring size is 10 - 14.
38. Gackt's waist is around 27 inches.
39. Gackt's bloodtype is A.
40. Gackt weighs 132 lbs.
41. Gackt's height is 5' 11".
42. Gackt's hometown is Kyoto.
43. Gackt claims to be over 400 years old.
44. prefers the sunset to every other moment of the day (romantic...)
45. rather than the electric light prefers the candle light
46. is left-handed, even if he prefers to write with the right hand
47. believes he has a sixth sense, which allowes him to hear things "for us common mortals" impossible to hear
48. holds his cross pendant dear and always wears it; it was of his ex-girlfriend and has no brand, was bought in a simple market...The original necklace broke in 1999 but Gackt immediately change it with another
49. finds that his tongue is the sexiest. “I think it can make you feel good” said Gackt
50. Another fun fact to know of Gackt's work is that his Tokyodome Christmas Eve performance of 2005 topped the charts of Japan as the most expensive concert ever in Japan. It took around 500 million yen or roughly 4,296,270 U.S. DOLLAR to prepare for it. And 2 years to get the preparations done with 6 months of rehearsals! No wonder it was a one time event only...
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Posted 1/8/08 , edited 1/9/08
Gackt Facts
• Gackt's nicknames include Mr. Pork Belly, Magnum, and The Mad Aristocrat.
• Gackt earned the nickname "Mr. Pork Belly" by virtue of his shopping habits. Everything he cooks takes 4 days to prepare because he goes supermarket-hopping at Maru Sho (which has since gone out of business). He throws open the "flippy" doors to the back room and asks for the meat supervisor. He then haggles with the man over the price of the "hidden meat," which is pork belly blocks. He usually buys 1 pig's worth and invites all of his friends over 4 days later to eat curry.
• When cooking, Gackt also claims to stand there and stir the pot naked while reading a book.
• Since the interview where he received the nickname "Mr. Pork Belly," the supermarkets have been on a watch for him and try to get him to just buy the meat out front. He decided he should wear a disguise next time he goes shopping- like a suit, blue sunglasses, and an atache case.
• Gackt received the name "Magnum" after an interview segment in which the hosts inquired about his liking of walking around his hotel room naked, regardless of what hotel staff see him quote:"I won't wear underwear...cause it is MY room." For more of an explanation, go read the interview, I will not describe it here.
• In addition to piano, Gackt also plays trumpet, tuba, horn, trombone, guitar, drums, and bass.
• He is very absorbed when he plays his instruments. Once, the interviewers twice slid the piano and him across the room while playing and Gackt never noticed he was moving.
• Gackt is very dedicated to his fans. He once did a concert in which the ending required him to be lifted off the stage with wires. However, the room was so small that he could not detach himself without being spotted by the crowd below. He suggested that he stay up there until everyone left. 40 after the concert was over, technicians told him he could get down since there only was one couple left in the audience, but he preferred to wait some more.
• Gackt's parents were extremely strict. As a child, he was forced to practice piano two hours every day, watching and listening to pre-selected television shows and music.
• At home, Gackt enjoys smoking, drinking, and watching movies (like the Green Mile.) These are the only things he does at home.
• Gackt stars in a movie out called Moon Child. In it, he plays an orphan who becomes the boss of a mafia-type gang that runs a drugged pizza scam in futuristic Taiwan. Shou's best friend, Kei, played by Hyde of L'Arc en Ciel, is a vampire. Shou helps Kei kill bad guys so he can eat them, and learns kung fu (and other vampire stuff) from him. Gackt pretty much wrote the script, so that explains why it is rather silly and the action sequences are quite cheezy.
• Favorite food: spaghetti.
• Least favorite animal: cockroach.
• Gackt has a pet cat.
• Gackt claims the JOB boys- his backup, are more like family than co-workers. Some of them even live togeather.
• Once, Ren drove Gackt home, but when they arrived at Gackt's house, Ren forgot the way to his own house, so Gackt had to drive him home again.
• Gackt claims that You's cooking is so good, Gackt could marry him, and that You is his soul mate, and sometimes hints that they sleep together. In in an interview, You told him to stop talking about their personal relationship while on air.
• Whenever Gackt makes references to hands or fingers in his songs, he is talking about Masa.
• Gackt does not like to waste time training. In order to get a workout, he takes a shower standing in Keanu Reeves' "dodging bullets Matrix" position. He also brushes his hair and his teeth in that position. Occasionally he spaces out and either the toothpaste runs up his nose, or he accidentaqlly brushes his teeth with Biore men's facial cleanser.
• In order to help him stretch, he has what he calls a "crotch-splitting device." One sits in the seat and puts his legs in the holders, then turns the crank and it forces him into a split. Gackt has split his pants several times using this device.
• Gackt claims to do some kicking style of martial arts. If any man comes to his house for dinner, he must first fight the American soldiers guarding Gackt and Gackt himself before he can come in because "food tastes better after a workout." Simply going to the gym before going to Gackt's house is the action of a weakling. Girls have nothing to worry about on visits, though.
• Gackt speaks Japanese, English, French, Mandarin.
• Gackt faints after his shows.
• The first time he heard "Stairway to Heaven," he cried.
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Posted 1/9/08 , edited 1/9/08
he got name of pork belly and mr curry from utaban..
and also his magnum in utaban..
Posted 1/9/08 , edited 1/10/08

• Gackt faints after his shows.
• The first time he heard "Stairway to Heaven," he cried.

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Posted 2/1/08 , edited 2/1/08
haha this is soo funny
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Posted 2/8/08 , edited 2/8/08 many facts I haven't known about Gackt O.o
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Posted 2/9/08 , edited 2/10/08
aww. [i'm sure y'all know] RIP Belle <3
Posted 2/10/08 , edited 2/11/08
yes, belle was so cute, "huggle" gackto-san.
the only women in his life that he'll love forever im sure.
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Posted 2/17/08 , edited 2/18/08
omg Gackt is so ridiculous XD
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Posted 2/18/08 , edited 2/19/08
want 2 b a vampire soooo sexyyyy
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Posted 2/23/08 , edited 2/23/08
Gackt is amazing he is much better than the bands we have in our country i wish he would come to England
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Posted 2/27/08 , edited 2/28/08
very funny ^_^ a couple things I didnt know about him

edit: :O number 50 is crazy
Posted 3/11/08 , edited 3/12/08
I think i read that Gackt only has like 4% body fat,

but that was a long time ago (:
Posted 3/12/08 , edited 3/12/08
Yeah it was something like 4%

Man, I'm with Demyxlord0fwater (Demyx lives!!! XD) only America instead XD
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