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Posted 9/24/10 , edited 9/24/10
... cuz its fun, funny, and .... i just like it
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Posted 10/28/16 , edited 10/28/16
Activity hasn't gone down in this group for... a while, to say the least.
But I still love the show so I'm still gonna post here, dammit!

I always enjoy slice of life anime, but I have noticed themes and characters that seem to reoccur between shows and it gets repetitive.

Haruhi certainly brought something new to the table! Not only did it achieve the standard relatable character and comedy appeal, but it also brought in a lot of mystery and introduced some character tropes I haven't seen before! And the movie is blind blowing and beautiful!

Some may say it's repetitive or that Kyon is your standard male protagonist with nothing unique... but the shows easily makes up for any negatives with all the awesome stuff it lures you in with.

Will anyone find this... doubt it. But posting replies get's me achievements, so...
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