Riz-chan's Classroom of request
Posted 9/26/10 , edited 10/1/10

About Me:

Some weird information about me ~
Im Karen, my friends call me
ren,riz and shu etc.etc. And im 12 years old ^^ I live in the Philippineswell as you see my username in this site is "unshush09" IDK where that came from .. it just popped on my head o.o Hehe ~ if you're reading this .. im glad to have you as student ( only if you want to :D. )^^ Hmm ... let me see... what is the name of our section....

Form :





Upload 1 Picture : ( i`ll check the album ^^ )

Picture : (High Quality Pics In Spoiler) :

ID: (spoiler)

Student Number :

Remember to say please and thank you~

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