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24 / F / Inaba
Posted 10/17/10 , edited 10/17/10
★Nickname★(what we can call you):Rii/Riine

★Character name★:Reiko
★Rank★:vampire - royalblood (umm can i? >.<??)
★Guardian?(SRA students only)★: no
★Personality★:smart, arrogant, gets serious when needed, possessive
★Bio★: Since little, Reiko was taught martial arts by her father, the head of their clan and martial arts experts. While her mother taught her whatever she needed to learn. She grew up to be strong (like her father) and a genius (like her mom). On her 14th birthday, a rival clan launched a surprise attack alongside with one of their supposed trusted allied clan. Due to the sheer size of their enemy, Reiko's clan lost, and she being the sole survivor, vowed to take revenge.
★School★(St. Rose's or Lancaster High): Lancaster High
★Uniform★: uniform 1
★Weapons★: katana
★Abilities★(can not have more than 3): read minds, transport from one place to another, control fire
★Did you invite Buddies?:★ yes
★Did you upload at least 4 pics?★ yep
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21 / F / The US of A
Posted 10/25/10 , edited 10/29/10
★Username★: shugopeppy_347
★Nickname★(what we can call you): anything

★Character name★: Kenji Fujisaki
★Age★: 19
★Sex★: M
★Rank★: Next ninja in line for the Yamaguchi reign.
★Guardian?(SRA students only)★: yes
★Personality★: you'll see
★Bio★: doesn't remember
★School★(St. Rose's or Lancaster High): LH
★Uniform★: 1
★Weapons★: katana, sniper
★Abilities★(can not have more than 3): he can control all elements. and i mean ALL

★Did you invite Buddies?:★ hold on...
★Did you upload at least 4 pics?★ hold on...
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With Hyper-chii i...
Posted 10/28/10 , edited 10/28/10
★Username★: Pidda29
★Nickname★(what we can call you): Savannah
★Character name★: Aurora Hathaway
★Age★: 16
★Sex★: Female
★Guardian?(SRA students only)★: Nope
★Personality★: Bubbly, giggly, carefree, happy, has a bad temper at times
★Bio★: will add later
★School★(St. Rose's or Lancaster High): Lancaster High
★Uniform★:Uniform 1
★Weapons★: None
★Abilities★: An element called spirit

★Did you invite Buddies?★: Yep
★Did you upload at least 4 pics?★: About to (:
Posted 11/20/10 , edited 11/21/10
★Username★: SailorMoonStar
★Nickname★(what we can call you): Taylor~

★Character name★: Momo Sasaki
★Age★: 14
★Sex★: female
★Rank★: Human
★Guardian?(SRA students only)★: Yes
★Personality★: kind, sweet, caring, outgoing but can be shy, strong-willed, never gives up, positive but stubborn.
★Bio★: Momo was sent to this academy due to her parents sudden move to France, and urgentness to push her into becoming a guardian of the school. She knows nothing of the academy but is ready to give it her all!!
★School★(St. Rose's or Lancaster High): St.Rose's
★Uniform★: 1 (st.rose's)
★Weapons★: a large staff
★Abilities★(can not have more than 3): has a powerful power within her which she has not yet released, and can wield magical attributes easily

★Did you invite Buddies?:★ Yessss
★Did you upload at least 4 pics?★ I will.
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