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21 / F / ~Tah Corn Corner~ ^^
Posted 9/26/10 , edited 9/26/10
Lets role play peoples! U can provide pics if u want but they aren't necessary




Sweet Spirit:

What food you are good at baking with:



Sweet Spirit personality:

Sweet Spirit appearance:



Crush (if u have one):

Good or Bad:


Name: Jenny Tennouji

Appearance: Blond, 5'2, tan skin

Boy or Girl: Girl

Personality: Rich but shy, she can be funneh and entergetic, good at sports

Age: 14

Class/Group: C-group, Ichigo's class

Sweet Spirit: Ringo

What food you are good at baking with: Apples

Sweet Spirit personality: Sweet and caring

Sweet Spirit appearance : A red and white dress (like chocolat's) Her hair is brown and is put up into 2 pony tails

Background: Her parents own a sweets company so Jenny does kno how to make some sweets but not perfect at it. Her parents wanted her to get better at making sweets so she went to Saint Marie Academy

Family: Parents
Grandma - owns a small store out side of Tokyo

Crush (if u have one): None

Good or Bad: Good
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26 / F / Tah Corn Corner ~...
Posted 9/26/10 , edited 9/26/10
My draws will wait... stupid SAI >:V!!

Name: Hanazono Sayuri

Age: 22 (WTF?!)

Class/Group: no one (?) LOL she already graduate

Sweet Spirit: Sweet (?) LOL

What food you are good at baking with: Fruits :)

Appearance: She has long wavy hair (sames as Ichigo's) but black & green apple (?) eyes

Boy or Girl: Girl rawrs LOL

Personality: She's just like Ichigo... duh, but with a mature and motherly (?) side

Sweet Spirit personality: Tsundere... LOL

Sweet Spirit appearance: She has a pink & yellow dress (like Honey's one lol) , light brown hair and have a big bow LOL, has pink eyes

Background: She is Ichigo's cousin!! D8< cuz I want and that's all LOL I'll add more info later...
Her parents died when she was little... that's why she luvs her cousins as they were siblings...
She looks nothing as the Amano family (?) cuz she looks like the Hanazono's (?) yeaah xD
Her grandpa & her grandma (Ichigo's grandma lol) were close friends~

Family: Her grandpa, her uncles, Ichigo & Natsume and Sweet!
Her grandpa (indeed the Hanazono family) have a Restaurant and a big garden with flowers and fruits with the best quality~

Crush (if u have one): Hazakura Hatsuharu LOL (?) other chocolate obsess as Kashino...

Good or Bad: GOOOD AS SUGAR D8<
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21 / F / ~Tah Corn Corner~ ^^
Posted 9/26/10 , edited 9/26/10

I walked to class. I was excited. First day of school and I get to make sweets!
I walked into class and every one stared. "Hi." I said
:Its Tennouji-sama!!!" They all yelled.
I ignored them and walked to the teacher.
"Jenny Tennouji correct?" I nodded.
I walked over to the table with a C on it. My partners looked at me in aew but I couldnt wait to start cooking.

^^ Hahaz
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21 / F / The monster under...
Posted 10/2/10 , edited 10/3/10
I wanna try >.<

Name: Haine Sanriko

Age: 13

Class/Group: b-group ??

Sweet Spirit: Sugar-cane

What food you are good at baking with: raspberries

Appearance: Brown medium hair ,purple eyes 5'1

Personality: hyper , outgoing , a bit clumsy, but hides her real personality with a cold and stubborn one

Sweet Spirit personality: hot- tempered but kind

Sweet Spirit appearance: long flowing pink hair yellow eyes. Wears a white dress with pink flowers.

Background: Lived a wealthy life with her uncle until she found a love of cooking. she got sent to Saint Marie Academy .

Family:Her mother died of giving birth to Haine. Her father ran away from the family leaving his wife heart-brokened before she died. She lives with her uncle who loves her dearly.

Crush (if u have one): no one right now but maybe later

Good or Bad: gooooooooooood
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25 / F / Definetly not the...
Posted 10/2/10 , edited 4/4/11
I want to try too! Haven't done something like that for forever!

Name: Minori Nakamura

Age: 17

Class/Group: A group in High School second year

Sweet Spirit: Berry

What food you are good at baking with: Sweets decorated with all kind of berries.

Appearance: Medium black hair, green eyes, about 167 cm tall

Personality: Everyone else see her as kind, quiet and out-going but a little cold person. In real she has short-tempered and lively side that she's unable to show. She had problems with trusting people as her father betrayed her. She wants everyone too see her real self not as genius from good family.

Sweet Spirit personality: Mature and cool but also positive. Protective over Minori when it comes to topics that might hurt her feelings. She always tries to cheer her up when she's down.

Sweet Spirit appearance: Long golden hair in two pony tails, blue eyes. Wears light blue dress.

Background: Daughter of musician father and patissiere mother. Father run away and made new family. That hurt her a lot and affected her personality. Her mother remarried and gave birth to a son (half-brother to Minori). Her mother is from rich family. Minori hates when she's treated as rich kid who can do everything she wants. She's also treated as a genius in cooking and music. She has great singing voice and plays the piano (like her real father). However she is pretty averege in everything else and not too good in sports.
She's been trained by her mother. She makes sweets for same reason as Ichigo (she doesn't want anyone to live over that what she did).

Family: mother, stepfather, half-brother, real father (meets him rarely)

Crush (if u have one): Not yet but there is a guy who likes her.

Good or Bad: Good

EDIT: Here's the picture
Her hair is supposed to be red but I guess black suites her better. Please tell what you think!
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21 / F / The monster under...
Posted 10/2/10 , edited 10/3/10

I just finished making my Raspberry Shortcake
My partner looks over : Wow! Haine it look delicious!!
The rest of the class came to my group to awe
I ignored them and finished up with the decoration

Mine is soo short T.T
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19 / :0
Posted 10/5/10 , edited 11/30/10

Name: Sakura/Sakurai

Age: 14

Class/Group: A-group, Ichigo's class

Sweet Spirit: Ichigo/Strawberry

What food you are good at baking with: Strawberrys!

Appearance: Long blondish brownish redish hair, 5'''2 ,blue eyes

Personality: Kind, happy, childish, clumsy, ect.

Sweet Spirit personality: Kind, competative, carring, strong,

Sweet Spirit appearance: Long black hair with a red boy, with bangs. Red eyes, fishnets, black dress, black high heels, belt, pointy black fairy wings.

Background: Sakura was younger she loved to bake, whenever she did she hummed her favorite song. Her parents also loved to cook and were famouse patiseres, she would always be smiling. But one day when her parents got into a car crash she had to go to an orphange, she did eat nor talk. A few days later though she slipped and fell into the lake by the oraphange, as she felt the cold water freeze her body. She saw a hand, as she saw her hair go under, and her head go up. She was being pulled up! When they could breath again she asked him why he saved her, he did say anything, just gave her some flan. Sakura ate it with a smile, yummy! Then he messed up her hair and said that she shouldn't want to die if her family is dead, he then ran off. She cherishes the spoon, and carries it in her pocket.

Family: Mother, Father, little, little sister, all dead btw

Crush (if u have one): none

Good or Bad: Good
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29 / F / USA!!
Posted 10/5/10 , edited 10/6/10
Name: Michiko Saito


Class/Group: A

Sweet Spirit: Mint chocolate

What food you are good at baking with: I am a master at making all doughs!!!

Appearance: Short black hair with 2 long silver streaks in the front, lavender eyes, 5'5", tan skin, innocent face, small rectangle glasses

Personality: total sweetheart, somewhat of a know it all, love to read and enjoys cooking just as much as she love baking!!

Sweet Spirit personality: VERY happy, but also tough!

Sweet Spirit appearance: very long brown hair too her feet, green eyes a hint of silver, lime green dress, white ruffles and a dark brown apron matching boots (like Carmel!)

Background: Daddy's girl, she's been learning the world of the culinary field since she was born, but she never had the chance to learn and thing hands on since her father always spoiled her, so she had to sneak and practice. One day her dad caught her and tasted her creation and instantly he decided to send Michiko to St. Mary Academy!!! Now her dream is to become pâtissière and open up a bakery and a resturant with her father! Her mother wants her to focus on her studies and attend college instead.

Family: Dad (Chef), mom (college dean) , big brother (pilot).

Crush (if u have one):none

Good or Bad: too good
Posted 10/8/10 , edited 10/8/10
oooo... i'll join although i may not be able to come on as regularly as some of the other people...

Name: Kari Yoshida

Age: 14

Class/Group: C-Group

sweet spirit: Cinnamon

What food you are good at baking with: i'm good at making all sorts of cakes (idk...)

Appearance: 5 ft, little past shoulder length dark brown hair, unless cooking likes to wear a headband with a little bow...

Personality: quiet/shy, but can be loud if needs to be, loyal, tries to be nice to everyone, enjoys being out in nature

Sweet Spirit personality: complete opposite, loud and often voices opinion, but still caring and considerate at times

Sweet Spirit appearance: reddish brownish hair worn in two ponytails, wears a pink apron over a dark brown simple dress...

Background: Her parents want her to take over their bakery after she recieves her training. She wants to make them proud so enrolled in school to get more training and to hone her skills. She's an average cook reason she's in C-group, but doesn't really care as long as she has fun.

Family: Mom and dad (bakery owners), a younger brother and sister (twins) Koume and Akira (good in sports, very outgoing)

Crush (if u have one):none

Good or Bad: good girl....
Posted 10/8/10 , edited 10/8/10
Ummm... i guess i'll write something...

(wandering about the campus)

Kari: This school is so pretty!!!

Cinnamon: Kari i found you! what are you doing class just started!!!!!

Kari: Ehhhhhh!!!! *starts running to her class*

*arrives at the room where you cook- idk what it's called, and flings the door open*

*everyone stares, Kari turns bright red*

teacher: Tardy already aren't you? *sighs and makes a note on clipboard*

kari: *quiet voice* i'm sorry...

*walks to the table for the C-group*
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Posted 10/8/10 , edited 10/8/10
Name: Misaki, Miki ( wish's to have Miki as a first name in rl )


Class/Group: B

Sweet Spirit: Rasberry

What food you are good at baking with: Cakes, assorted sweets and using tea leaves in sweets ...

Appearance: 5,4" , long purple hair with highlights, wears a beany xD , and dress's in casual clothing.. eyes are light that are hazel but looks white...

Personality: Speaks her mind, talks back if you do first, only talks to nice people, can be a loving person if known for a while, is strong but doesn't know karate or whatever...

Sweet Spirit personality: sweet but can get very pissed off if you let your guard down..

Sweet Spirit appearance: white dress with a red apron, hair is burgundy, eyes are white with a touch of red, and wears flat red shoes with a hole near the top, and long white socks...

Background: Family makes her work hard for her goals, trys hard but gets sick now and than, can be in A group but just entered in the place...

Family: mom ( good with drawing ), dad ( good with mirror art ), brother ( good at video games ), and a sis ( loves animals )...

Crush(if u have one): none

Good or Bad: good ( depends on situtation )
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23 / F / With Hikaru!
Posted 10/8/10 , edited 10/8/10
Name: Maya Korheart

Age: 14

Class/Group: Ichigo's class, and I don't want to sound stupid but she's in the A group

Sweet Spirit: Spice

What food you are good at baking with: anything she can make extravagant, peanut butter, and chocolate

Appearance: Short, messy brown hair, wears the boys' uniform and is 5'1. Her eyes are green.

Personality: She is often short-tempered but is really a good person. She is horrible with the basics but if she can go all out she makes it perfectly (I know like what?) unless she's only done it 3 times or less. She is very opinionated and really hates when people act like jerks. She is very self-righteous. She is obsessed with the combo of peanut butter and chocolate.

Sweet Spirit personality: she is a very 'spicy' character. Spice loves to tease and is quick to judge. She acts tough but is actually a softie. She is also very boyish and usually acts as so. She is a bit oblivious sometimes.

Sweet Spirit appearance: She has an outfit like Cafe's except that it is brown and red and she has crimson eyes

Background: She is actually American-born but was raised in Japan. Her family owns a farm full of baking ingredients including sugar, cocoa, cinnamon, apples, strawberries, and peanuts. Her father died in a plane crash but she still has her mother and little sister Kira (who was born in Japan). She often would bake snacks for her little sister but her sister would only eat it if it was interesting. Her sister can be evil sometimes and her mood changes quickly.

Family: Mom, younger sister Kira

Crush (if u have one): Kashino, plainly obvious to others but she won't acknowledge, let alone admit, that she likes him 'cause she thinks he's a jerk.

Good or Bad: Good
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F / America in realit...
Posted 10/8/10 , edited 10/9/10
I wanna play 2!

Name: April Sennosuke

Age: 13

Class/Group: Group B

Sweet Spirit: Cupcake (?)

good at baking with: Chocolate & Strawberries

Appearance: 5foot 4in, Long Dark Brown Hair, long bangs, always wears a red flower in hair, Dark Brown eyes, wears girls uniform with boots.

Personality: High Spirited, Kind, Random, Tends to overthink things alot..

Sweet Spirit personality: Peppy and artsy

Sweet Spirit appearance: Pink hair worn in pigtails (like dia in shugo chara) Black headband with a red hearts on the side, dark red maid outfit, brown eyes

Background: Born in Japan, raised in Paris, She moved back when she heard her close cousin Andou was going to become a patissiere, and wanted to be there with him because she enjoys his company. April's mom and dad run a small cupcake shop in Paris which is often filled with people. Also, her parents only agreed to her going to St. Mari in Japan after she agreed to run their shop after she graduated.

Family: Andou Sennosuke, Mom, Dad, younger sisters Nanaka and Rina

Crush: Kashino Makoto (cause everyone LOVES kashino! )

Good or Bad: Good
Posted 11/28/10 , edited 11/29/10
Name: Ai Kei

Age: 14

Class/Group: Group C . Same class as Andoh

Sweet Spirit: Icecream

What food you are good at baking with: fruits

Appearance: Black haired,5/5 long hair silver eyes skinny and pony tails and finally has a moon on the fore head

Personality: Hyper ,sometimes cold hearted (only when embarrassed)

Sweet Spirit personality: She doesn't show that's shes high and peppy. But if shes in front of people shes very timid

Sweet Spirit appearance: A apron with a ice cream and big pony tails(very long up to her feet) 2 in.

Background: She owns a shop with her parents and shes very good at it. Her parents say that she will become a wonderful patisserie

Family: Parents

Crush : NOONONONO no one ^^

Good or Bad: Good
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21 / F / Konoha
Posted 3/19/11 , edited 3/19/11
I wanna too!!

Name: Mika Ibuka

Age: 13

Boy or Girl: Girl

Class/Group: Same group and class as Ichigo

Sweet Spirit: Rini

What food you are good at baking with: Anything with very pretty decoration. Vanilla/strawberry shortcake is Mika's specialty

Appearance: Blue eyes and looong black hair always in a pony tail Usually wears a sailor uniform (Dark Blue and white, and red) blue bell in her hair

Personality: Nice and friendly, the only people she is mean to are the sweets princes. VERY stubborn

Sweet Spirit personality: Childish, friendly but can be stubborn

Sweet Spirit appearance: Light blond hair and pink eyes. White skirt with pink stripes, pink half-shirt, bunny ears headband, white shoes.

Background: Her parents dies when she was 6 in a car crash. Her sister, Utau takes care of her but when Mika left to go to St. Marie academy, Utau lives alone and opened a sweets store.

Family: No parents (died). Sister, Utau (age: 16)

Crush (if u have one): No crushes but she thinks that the Sweets Princes are very annoying.

Good or Bad: Good
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