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Posted 3/21/11 , edited 3/22/11
Name: Camelia Charlotte Anzu L. Lablac
Age: 18
Class/Group: A
Sweet Spirit: Flan
What food you are good at baking with: Culinary and pastry
Appearance: she has a long curly blonde hair, green eyes, 5'6,
Personality: She is a graceful patissiere she is sometimes cold but well respected.
Sweet Spirit personality: Same
Sweet Spirit appearance: has a purple hair up to the waist. with amber eyes. She is a blushing fairy
Camelia is somehow like a loner, but an ambitious lady. She is ready to follow her Uncle's footsteps to become a great patissiere. Camelia is the next heiress in the Royal family of england.She moved in Japan because she was punished by her grandmother because she was cooking. She enrolled in St. Marie Gakuen to enjoy more pastry. She's a sempai and the president of the student body.

Flan is also a royal blood. Shes the daughter of the queen of fairies. She asked her mother's permit to find a human partner.
Henri Lucas- uncle (an YPP character)
Hillary Lucas- Mother(she is devoted to culinary arts and baking)
Joshua Lablac- Father(he is a business man and was the prince of England)
Henrie Lablac/ Yamabuki- older brother (he is a well known pasty chef due to chocolates and stuff)
Charline Lablac/ Anzu- the older sister of Camelia and Yamabuki's younger sister. (she is well known in excellent in culinary arts)
Crush (if u have one):
Good or Bad: both..
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Posted 7/11/11 , edited 7/11/11
I want aswell!

Name: Mai Hoshina

Age: 14

Class/Group: Both same as Ichigo

Sweet Spirit: Rosetta

What food you are good at baking with: Chocolates and decorations are her specialities

Appearance: Mai has long honey hair, fair skin and emerald-green eyes

Personality: Mai is kind and calmed, but hot-tempered, she gets angry easily and she may try to injure someone if she gets like that.

Sweet Spirit personality: Rosetta is hyper and she is always jumping around, unlike May

Sweet Spirit appearance: Rosetta has honey hair like Mai's and brown eyes, she wears a pink top with a white belt and a white cardigan, she also uses brown leggins and pink shoes

Background: Mai's mom died from cancer, her dad owns a bakery shop and she has a little sister, she is always thinking about her imoto (little sister) and tries to protect her even though no one has seen her before

Family: Mom (died), dad, little sister (no one has seen her before)

Crush (if u have one): No one, Mai doesn't have time for love

Good or Bad: Good XD

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Posted 8/4/11 , edited 10/9/11
(delete my character)
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Posted 8/28/11 , edited 8/29/11
Name: Matthew

Hobbies: Likes to listen to music, going outside, and very energetic.

Age: 14

Personality: Intelligent, friendly, nice-to-everyone.

Class/Group: C-group

What food you are good at baking with: Finding the right foods/fruits to make desserts tasty

Background: middle-class.

Crush (if u have one): -not yet, maybe later-

Sweet Spirit: Leon

Sweet Spirit personality: Like Matthew. He's usually not around.

Good or Bad: Protagonist
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Posted 8/28/11 , edited 8/29/11

Teacher: Class, we've got new students.


1. Introduce you to Jenny, a sweet, happy, sporty, rich girl. She's not very good at making sweets, so do help her if she needs help (she's paid lots, so...)

2. Kari-san, who's also going to be placed in C-group. She's a cute, shy girl. She's a bit short, but that's fine. She's a nature-lover. Though, sometimes she can be the complete opposite.

3. Ai Kei, Hyper and free-spirited,sometimes mean when she's embarrassed/teased, though she's a great person! She specializes in fruits.

4. Mika-san, she's a bit unusual. Although everyone loves the Sweets' Prince, she doesn't respect them...*sweets Prince- beware of messing with her.. Well, she's nice to everyone. Though she's a bit like Ichigo ... "ichigo and Mika: hey! >: ( -blush-

5. Matthew-kun, a nice guy. He specializes in tasting and finding the right ingredients. He's very intelligent.

6. Mai-san, a sweet cheery girl. She's a bit like Sakura-san, and pinkish.. Anyway, she's very cute and jumpy.

7. antagonist -Domo-san, an outcast, quiet girl. She's a bit mysterious, but please everyone make her feel welcome. She's very smart, so Domo-san, please help everyone - usually Jenny though -

1.Haine-san. She's hyper , outgoing , a bit clumsy, and very cute! But she's a bit weird and seems to be hiding something..

2. Miki-san, she's very talky. She's a "cool" person who speaks with her mind. So she may be seen as rude.

3. April-san, who tends to think a lot. She's very childish but when she makes a mistake she learns from them. She's chasing after Kashino.

1. Minori-san, a friendly girl. She's a very mature girl. She's 17, unlike you guys - 14. She's the oldest, so respect her.. though, she is a bit too cheery.

2. Sakura-san, a very pretty girl. She specializes in strawberries. She's clumsy, childish, happy, etc. She's very dedicated and cute! And a bit too pink..

3. Michiko-san, a very sweet girl. (She looks innocent and wears glasses - a daddy's girl). She's very talented and intelligent. All her family are well-educated.

4. Maya-san, a bit tomboyish. Her clothes are a bit too boyish, but otherwise that she's a dedicated, great person. She can be short-tempered.. *ehem* Sweets Prince, don't you guys dare,,

5. Camelia-san, who has a long ass name. She's Henri's neice. She's very mature and graceful.

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Posted 9/2/11 , edited 9/2/11
(^ Hey nice that you summed it up... but my character (Minori) is not cheery Simply positive would be fine)
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Posted 9/20/11 , edited 9/20/11
sorry APPLEPIE&WHIPCREAM(with blueberries) ):

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Posted 10/3/11 , edited 10/3/11
I liked how you described my character :DDDD
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Posted 10/9/11 , edited 10/9/11
I'l start::

Matthew: A new, fresh year!

*Walks to the academy and waits to get his schedule and classes*

He walks through a huge crowd, and finally gets his slip. C-group.

He then bumps into someone, and says "sorry!", turns around and it is.........

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