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22 / F / Im at Howls Castle!!
Posted 9/28/10 , edited 9/28/10
Name:Kuro Tankada


School year: third,



Other unique characteristics:Is usually singing or humming anime music.

Talents:Singing, Swimming

Personality:Shy sweet kind but alittle bit of a cry baby.

Back round information:She just moved here by herself from America.

Interests:Anime, Swimming, Singing, lots of anime.

Picture in spoiler (optional) :
Posted 9/28/10 , edited 9/29/10
Name: Axel
Age: 18
School year: 4th
Hair: red/ brown
Eyes: blue
Other unique characteristics: not that i can think of
Talents: guitar soccer cooking
Personality: nice flirty optimistic
Back round information: he moved in with reletives when his parents moved overseas
Interests: anime pocky music
Picture in spoiler (optional) :
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21 / F / Chicago
Posted 9/29/10 , edited 9/29/10
kekekeke >///<
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22 / F / O, so I see how i...
Posted 9/30/10 , edited 10/1/10
Name: Alice

Age: 15

School year: (first, second, third, fourth, ect.) First. Hospitalized so is repeating

Hair: blonde

Eyes: blue and pink

Other unique characteristics: Is extremely shy and hides behind her bangs.

Talents: Plays the bass and sings very well but gets embarrassed

Personality:Super shy, and not very athletic.

Back round information: find out..

Interests: books.


(yah i drew that)
Posted 10/28/10 , edited 10/29/10
Name: Shadow Sakura Natsume.

Age: 14

School year: (first, second, third, fourth, ect.): First.

Hair: Brown-ish.

Eyes: Green.

Other unique characteristics: Usually timid , and quiet . Can't speak for herself in other words .. Shy ..

Talents: None ? .

Personality: Quite , shy , timid , doesn't speak so much unless talk en to .

Back round information: Her parents are divorced , Has a younger sister but, doesnt see or speak to her much .. She is living with her mother and her idiotic step-dad.

Interests: Reading , Writing .

Picture in spoiler (optional) :
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30 / M / Holy Terra
Posted 10/30/10 , edited 10/30/10
Name:Shin Yamada
School yeah:second
Other unique characteristics:good on studing
Talents:soccer and basketball
Personality:cold,calm,can be sometimes friendly,carring
Back round information: his parents died in a car accident he lives with his 2 younger sisters he decided that he will be protecting them from anybody who hurts them

Picture in spoiler (optional) :
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Posted 10/31/10 , edited 11/1/10
Name: Lilly (I dont know why I like puting this name and the same pic)
Hair:Pinkish brown (IDK JUST LOOK AT THE PIC >3<)
Other Unique Characteristics:She Loves cats ;D,Plays violin
Talents:Very good at violin,taking care of cats, Drawing Anime.
Personality: Clumsy,Shy,Kind,Calm.
Background Info: She never knew her real parents she lived with her grandparents since she was little.She was always lonely so her grandparents bought her a black cat.Thats wen she grew liking cats.The violin she has is a memoral from her father.
Interest: Music,Anime,Kittys x33
Posted 1/18/11 , edited 1/19/11
Name: Hinagiku Sakagami
Age: 15
School year: 1st
Hair: purple
Eyes: red-ish(plez jus look at da pic...)
Other unique characteristics: she loves anime but will only tell VERY close people
Talents: drawing,cooking
Personality: cold,shy,friendly(once she trusts you)
Background information: Her family was killed and now she lives with Hikaru
Interests: reading,sports,sweets,anime
Picture in spoiler:

Name: Hikaru Ichinose
Age: 15
School year: 1st
Hair: orange-ish(plez jus look at da pic...)
Eyes: light brown-ish
Other unique characteristics: If he hears Hinagiku getting bullied/bothered he will appear there in a split second
Talents: sports
Personality: friendly,nice,caring,energetic
Background information: Childhood friends with Hinagiku helped her when her family was killed.Likes Hinagiku.
Interests: sports,anime
Picture in spoiler (optional) :
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26 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 10/9/14 , edited 10/9/14
Name: Silver Yurokito

Age: 16

School Year: Second

Hair: Short, Black with a White streaked fringe

Eyes: Violet

Other unique characteristics: Has a hard time making friends

Talents: Skateboarding, Reading and Writing

Personality: Quiet, Studious, Kind, Caring and generous to friends

Background Information: Mother left not long after he was born and has been living with his Farther, travelling around looking for a place to call home.

Interests: Anime, Books, Music and the ocult
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