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Posted 9/27/10 , edited 9/27/10
Anyone here a fan or should I say muffin of victoriandustrial,electric violin shredding,striped stocking wearing queen Emilie Autumn?The poet-singer-songwriter-rat keeper-violinist-pianist-harpschochordist?

She has 3 LP's and a number of EP's out.She is a barouque and electric violin expert.Her vocals can be full of rage like in the songs 'I want my innocence back' and'I know where you sleep' or operatic and gentle on trakcs like 'marry me' and Shallot'.She calls her fans muffins and plague rats and is known for her theatrics in her live shows with circus acts,fire juggles,tea parties and acrobatics.

She was a feary before with her first album Enchant that was all piano,violins folk-songs and fairytales.She then went into an asylum where she was mistreated and when she got out she made second album Opheliac dealing with madness and injustice,witha new darker image,including songs about an abused childs revenge on her abuser'Gothic lolita'.

She loves rats,tea,classical music,victorian clothes which she makes herself and is a feminist and a vegan.

Spread the plague!

I apologise if this has been posted before but search didnt show anything for it.

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