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Posted 9/28/10 , edited 9/29/10
Welcome to the tag team dueling thread here is where you will be fighting with a partner against another team of 2.... so have at it here are some rules:

1) Must have between 2 and 4 people dueling - one person can control 2 characters or one you can decide

2) Only 1 duel at a time - especially if u r dueling in the forum it can get rather confusing if 2 or more duels are going on

3) Take turns - if there is 4 people fighting make sure everyone gets a move in before you keep fighting

4) No Quoting- it just make everything even more confusing

5) There will be a vote to decide the winner

6) You must introduce yourself - this way everyone knows who you are, if you are playing as 2 people you must introduce both seperately -format:
Character fighting as:
Anime/ game/ created:
Powers: (to make sure no godly ness)
Request to fight with(do i really need to explain it lol):
Duel Request: (who you want to duel)

-changes and suggestions are always welcome and can be PMed to me or a Mod with "Tag Team Rule Change" in the subject-

Have Fun and Good Hunting People!!!

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