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Posted 9/28/10 , edited 9/29/10
In the dark and barely lighted system of G0018-T lies a hidden factory of the Evolutionists, a Mobile Suit Factory... called 0X192G. With a black metal it hides into the endless space, hoping not to be saw or noticed with also walls those are made to not give any energy, heat or anything else on informations out that could tell their secret.

~A few systems further~

"Okay, People! In around a day on this speed we are there! Checkup the Mobile Suits, Support Planes and the whole Blue Sphere's Systems, we have to be ready without any problems! The Mobile Pilots and support Planes pilots will go sleep at 0800 so you are fit asap we are there, we will put the alarms on and then everybody heads on his position!" The crew shortly looked on eachothers face and then looked on the Captain and nodded, then saluted and let a loud "YES, SIR!" through the room.

OOC: i hope to finally begin this stuff tomorrow
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Yainorelia arrived shortly after the last squad member, most everyone was ready to start their mission as the commander barked orders.
"Yainorelia you and four others will be in position of our ms unites the ship is suposed to come by as scheduled, the minute we detect it we will ambush it and get to the buttom of this situation, needless to say, screw ups are out of the picture, so look alive people."
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