Do Jio, Ruby, Cross and the other person go back to earth?
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Posted 9/29/10 , edited 9/29/10
I want them to go back to Earth. I don't like the ending....I want to see more of Jio!!!!!!
Posted 9/30/10 , edited 9/30/10
>.<"" omg! i love this manga! it was the first ever manga i read. but that was ages ago so i dont remember much bout it. well.. i think the mangaka is writing a new manga.. called.. ermmm... mystickers? or something so.. yeah
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Posted 9/30/10 , edited 10/1/10
Since the two who were left behind were reading it as some sort of fairy tail, I assume not. Didn't really like that ending or the whole second half for that matter.
Posted 9/27/12 , edited 9/27/12
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