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28 / M / Just a kamen ride...
Posted 10/18/10 , edited 10/19/10

Several hours have passed since the burning of the bar. And a city has fallen into chaos and upon the highest building stands a man, jubei, on the ledge of the roof. Kneeling looking down the ruin below he laughs maniacally but soon it fades, "What do you want?" he says feeling angry someone is interrupting his joy. A man cloaked in black appears from the shadows two large dogs move out simultaneously.

"I am only here to make sure you are abiding my masters orders," he says in an emotionless voice. As he speaks Jubei makes a gesturewith his hand like a mouth and silently 'blah blah blah' opening and closing his hand in rhythm, "I don't need a damn babysitter, everythin's fine," Jubei says standing. He starts to walk along the ledge like its a balance beam, "By noon, this city will belong to your precious master," he says adding a childish sneer to master. The cloaked man grits his teeth at the blatant disrespect, as if responding to their master, the dogs begin to snarl, staring at Jubei, as if ready to pounce, "There are strong souls in this city, do not underestimate them." "Strong souls you say? Hmm this could get interesting," Jubei says turning around on the ledge and beginning to proceed back to where he came from, "I caaaaan't WAIT!" Jubei says with a big smile. "INSOLENCE! You don't stand a rats chance in hell!" the cloaked man says. Jubei looks to the cloaked man and hops off the ledge and back to the safety of the rooftop. Jubei gets in the face of the cloaked man, "And why is that?" he says in a very different tone of voice. "Is the little demon angry? Good. At least 4 are in the city now, 2 time manipulators, one of them happens to be an immortal the other is his student. A swordsman from a legendary bloodline, and 1 other." "And just who is this other?" Jubei says slamming his hand into the wall next to the cloaked man. "A ghost from your past," the man says unaffected by the threat. Jubei steps back and chuckles, "So HE's here... after all these years. It almost brings a tear to your eye doesn't it," jubei says following it with a cackle. "I've been ordered to give you reinforcements in regards to these extenuating circumstances," The cloaked man lifts a hand from under the dark cloth and snaps his fingers. 4 magic circles with unfamiliar symbols on them appear in the sky above the roof. The circles split to various parts of the city as a large creature begins to appear from each of the circles.

Jubei grits his teeth, "That bastard thinks I have the competency of a child doesn't he!?" Jubei says beginning to pace back and forth. "It is merely insurance, insurance that you do not fail," the cloaked man says disappearing back into the shadows. Jubei ignores him as he places his hands on the ledge watching the creatures erupt from the circles. The massive lizards look like giant salamanders with purple flames coming from their bodies. As they storm through the city they pummel buildings and anything else that stands in their way as if looking for something.
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30 / M / Here There Everyw...
Posted 10/20/10 , edited 10/21/10
Shin rolls over in his bed and wakes up instantly when a loud crash was heard
Shin: What the hell was that *Yawn*
Shin get up and walks to his curtains and pulls them open and sees one of the large beast reeking havoc on the city
Shin then quickly closes the curtains and turns on the TV
News Reporter: 4 monsters just appeared from the sky destroying the city.
You see the police trying to fight back but even starch the monsters
Shin: This has to be Jubei's doing.....but since when could he summon anything like this? No time to wonder
Shin walks towards the wall behind the TV and hits a switch and a door opens revealing a small closet and he grabs an old looking sword and a pair of black leather gloves. The door closes and the phone rings. Shin puts his headset on as he changes in his fighting clothes
Shin: Hello
A young tender sweet sounding female voice started to talk
???:Shin Shin Shin Have u seen the news?! 4 big Monster came outta NO where
Shin: Calm down Roxxy I know i saw. Stay inside ur house and STAY PUT. I'll deal with this
Roxxy: But Shin its been 5yrs since u picked up a sword or even fought
Shin: Dont worry about that just do what i said.
Roxxy: But
Shin: Do as I SAID DAMN IT! Just listen to ur Brother for once
Roxxy: Fine.....
Shin: I'll be there to get u later
Roxxy: Ok....Be Carefully Shin
Shin: I will bye Kiddo
Shin hanging up standing on his balcony

One of the lizard monster where run towards Shin's building and Shin's eyes turn Dark purple

as he slowly unsheathes his sword and the blade glows purple
Muramasa Style......
Shin jumps off his balcony

And a giant blackish purple slash wave of energy is released upon the rushing monster destroying like it was nothing. Shin lands in the street making a small crater
Looks like i still got it.....hmph... 3 left
His eyes glow purple
The next one isnt that far from here.....
He take s a deep breath and vanishes
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28 / M / Just a kamen ride...
Posted 10/20/10 , edited 10/21/10

Hooded figure walks down the street towards one of the giant lizards. It smells the air flicking its tongue in and out before turning to look at the hooded man. It charges down the street leaving craters with each step. The hooded man continues to casually walk down the street, As the beast gets close a huge pillar of ice jettisons from the ground freezing the creature in it's place. Spikes of ice run down its back as if the lizard ran into a wall of ice before being stuck in it. The hooded man walks by the giant skyscraper of ice as it begins to crumble. Soon the once tall lizard lay in pieces on the ground. As the hooded man continues down the street. A rumble comes from the mess behind him. He looks over his shoulder, the hood blocking his view. The chunks of lizard burn with the purple flame before melting and reforming. The new figure lets out a bellowing roar that shatters the windows up and down the street. The hooded man turns around as the creature rubs its large hoof across the ground like its ready to charge.
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