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The dragon was already gone, but Ryora still stared at the sky. The dragon will protect Sheridan, I´m sure of it. The rebellion was a succes. Not a completely one, but a success. Charles got what he wanted and the people shouted happily. Why do I have the feeling I´m the evil here? Something isn´t right, I feel it. Ryora thought about what she felt. And when she came to the conclusion of overimagine things, screams rang in her ear from the ground of the palace.

Ryora looked over the palace wall to the bottom and saw rebels killing rebels. No. On a closer look she was able to tell that the part of the group which killed the others were from Charles own private army. One rebel after another got stabbed to death. Then she saw a person standing on the left side of the massakre, motionless. It was Les and his expression said that he didn´t know of anything like that. He was shocked by what he saw and opened his mouth to find words.

One of Charles follower´s also got sight of Les and ran towards him, raising his sword.
Ryora mumbled a curse and jumped from the wall. Thirty meters down to the field of rebels. Before she could clash with mother earth, she stuck her swords into the stone of the castle. It sliced through it and slowed her down. When she landed on the ground she raced to Les and the other man. Les was injured but tried to do his best to defend himself. Ryora wished more than ever that she could control the element fire in the night.

Again the traitor injured Les heavely. He stabbed his swords into his stomach. Only a few meters seperated them and as the traitor wanted to do the final strike she pierced his heart from behind with her black katana. He winced and dropped dead. Ryora looked at Les and grasped sight of his several wounds. Because of the loss of blood he staggered and she held him in her arms, not carin about the blood which stained her.

"Why...did they.... do this? Please...tell me Ryora." His voice was a whisper and Ryora hardly understood him. It pained her to see a loyal man being betrayed.

"Shsh. Don´t speak now. I´ll get us both out of here. You don´t have to worry. You didn´t do anything wrong. Charles and his men betrayed you. He only wanted the throne by telling you want you wished truly for." Les´shoulders were shaking and Ryora felt tears on her skin as he cried silently.

He collected his last strenght and said. "I´m such an idiot. We shouldn´t have trusted Charles. Maybe king Royce really cared for us. Maybe we destroyed our kingdom for nothing."

Ryora clenched her jaw, put his arm around her shoulder and walked into the little forest before them. There was a cave not far away from them. She hid there some herbs and other things for medical treatment. It was only out of routine but know it came in handy.

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Marquis Drake Apeiron rode a carriage to Royce's fortress. On the way, he could have sworn he felt a battle somewhere but couldn't pinpoint where.
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There was confusion around the castle. No one could tell friend from foe.
One man was watching Lorelei.
Is she the one doing this? He wondered, not letting her out of his sight. He observed as she stayed in the shadows, watching, then turned and left. Gradually the men stopped fighting and lay on the ground, either injured or dead.

"Hm, "He smiled.

Charles was in a fury. Les had escaped, the whereabouts of the princess were unknown and someone had killed off more than half his best men.
"FIND SHERIDAN AND FIND LES." He said angrily to his still standing, assembled men. "Dead or alive makes no difference."

"Perhaps, you should also take care of the third threat, " A silky voice said and Charles stiffened. He looked around and saw a hooded man leaning against the door.

"Marion." He said in a strained voice. "What a found me."
"Of course, my target can never escape me." Marion said. "I would like a word in private."
"Um, yes, of course." Charles said nervously and the men left.
"You can relax, if I wanted to kill you, you would be dead." Marion said as he looked around the study. "You managed to lead a rebellion and succeeded. Well done."
"I will repay the debts." Charles scowled. "You can stop hounding me."
"Oh yes, you will.' Marion said, stopping by a shelf and running a finger down the expensive statues. "But I have a business proposition."
'Oh?" Charles said in surprise and looked up.

An hour later, Marion left the palace and headed into the woods.

Ryora had a fire burning, she bathed and cleaned Les's wound and placed wet cloths on his burning forehead.
He groaned and writhed in pain.
"You will be okay, Les." She whispered soothing words to him as she kept changing the wet clothes, wondering if he will make it through the night.


Erik flew through the night.
He spotted some old stone ruins from the sky It would make a decent fort for the time being. He decided and started to descend, landing lightily, his winds flapping once before he tucked them in.

Sheridan was shivering from the cold and looking weak with fatigue, she slid on the ground and he changed back to his human form, changing into his robes.
"Erik, " Her face crumbled as seeing his human face and she hugged him and began to cry.
He held her close then sat her down on a large slab of stone. "What's going on?" She asked, wiping her tears.
He took a deep breath and began to explain.

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Slowly, Les opened his eyes. It was early in the morning and the birds sang their song and above him he spotted the ceiling of a cave. At first he didn´t know how he got here or why his body ached so much. He thought about how he got here and as his memories came back he sat up and touched the bandages which hid his wounds. In his mind he could see the rebels killing each other without a reason, one of the men dashing over to him and fighting him with the intend to kill.

As he remembered the pain of the stabs his wounds thumped and Les swallowed a painfully moan. Back then he thought for one moment he was going to die. The man had raised his sword, but then a blade jutted out of his chest and he collapsed. After that his memories got blurred and now he sat here in a cave.

When he heard a noice from his left side he turned and saw Ryora and her partners sleeping peacefully on the uncomfortable cave floor. Apparently she rescued and even took care of him. He didn´t know how long he was unconscious Les was sure it wasn´t a short time.
He stood up -even though his body prefered lying down for another couple of hours- and put on the clothes beside his tentative bed and went outside the cave.

The sun rays felt warm on his skin and heated his cold body. It also felt cold inside of his heart.
He had believed he did the right thing.
He had believed everything would get much better when king Royce was dethroned.
He had believed he and the rebels were unstoppable.

But fate was cruel and showed his worst side when you expect it the least.

"I´m such a fool." he whispered into the air.

"It wasn´t you fault, Les. I told you." The voice said from behind.

Les turned and saw Ryora standing at the entrance of the cave. She looked at him with a sad smile and walked over to him, hugging him tightly. It was a silent way of supporting and he hugged her too. His sorrow was too big. His friends and the dream he longed for were wiped out in an instance like none of it was important.

He cried silent tears like last time for his loss and tightened his grip around Ryora. After a while they parted and in her eyes glowed determination.

With a powerful voice she said. "I know that you think you are at fault for all what happened. That you led your people to death. The thruth is that Charles is the evil person and the one who should take responsibility of the dead. Charles is a power-hungry bastard and it doesn´t concern him if people get hurt or die in this little game. But he didn´t expected us to crush his plan."

"But king Royce and princess Sheridan th...." he began but Ryora interrupted him.

"King Royce may be gotten into Charles hands. And Sheridan could escape safely. I´m sure that the king will also be safe because of his unwavering believe in his people. So you have to believe in yourself too Les." She shook him a little.

Ryora is right. I can´t bath myself in self-pity whule Charles this dirty swine gets away with what he has done. Les straightened his back and nodded as determined as Ryora.

Then Ryora smiled and two katanas appeared in her hands (the little rabbits were fast in transforming). She wielded them in different directions like a dance.

"First comes first. Before we can think over something to take oveer the kingdom again, we have to improve your fighting skills and stamina. It´s a No Go that you collapse on the battlefield of exhaustion."

Les gulped. He had a bad feeling about this.
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"Finally someone speaks what I've been telling the trainers at the academy for ages," said a voice.
Les and Ryora turned around to see Marquis Drake Apeiron of Easley. The old man was alone. Les picked up his weapon.
"What do you want?" demanded Les.
Drake reached out a friend. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend, as the saying goes, and my enemy is Charles. Thus, I thought I'd propose a truce with the rebels. I can even help you get inside the castle unnoticed, as Royce showed me many of the secret passages."
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Les and Royra looked at each other then at him, "Who are you exactly?" Ryora asked.
"I am Marquis Drake Apeiron of Easley, a close 'acquaintence' of King Royce," informed Drake.
"If you are an ally of Royce then be warned you will not get a warm welcome at the castle." Les said dryly.
"I am aware of that, " Drake said.

The other two exchange looks, "If you really want to help, then we will find you." Les said. Ryora put his arm over her shoulders.

Drale watched as the they walked away, disappearing into the trees.
"Do you trust him?" Ryora asked and Les, frowned, "I'm not sure yet, but if he wants to help, he could be a valuable asset."
"What do you plan to do now?"
"Dethrone Charles and kill the bastard." Les said grimly, "But we need to move even more cautiously than before, you bet we are wanted in every town and have atleast a dozen assassins on our tails. We need to gather loyal companions. " Les swallowed hard, his eyes misting again, "Most of my old companions have probably been slaughtered or imprisoned."
Ryora hugged him lightly, "You still have me." She reminded him.
"Thank God for that." Les murmured and pressed a kiss on her forehead.

Some hundred KM away.

Erik led Sheridan into a dingy inn, she was wearing a hood and he had a cloth wrapped around his face. The inn keepers seemed least interested in them and gave them a room.
"Sorry about this." He said to the princess as he led her inside the room.
"I understand, "She said softly and settled on the lumpy bad.
"It's only for a few hours." Erik said and opened the blanket holding all her possessions, her expensive, jewel encrusted dresses were strewn across the floor.
"I can sell these to get some money." Erik said and proceeded to remove the jewels from her dresses.
An hour later, he had the jewels in a small bag. "I have to destroy these." He motioned to the dresses, "You will not be able to wear them."
Sheridan looked sadly at her dresses then nodded.
"Stay inside. Don't go out, no matter what." Erik said and bundling up the clothes under his arm, jumped down the window.

Erik set fire to the dresses and then walked to the village. He exchanged a few jewels for cash then wandered into a clothes shop.
"I want clothes for a boy." Erik said, "About this tall." He said gesturing with his hand.
The man showed him some trousers and a few shirts. Erik paid for them and headed back to the inn.

Sheridan was waiting for him.
"Okay, we need to cut your hair." Erik said as he climbed back through the window.
Sheridan's eyes widened, "My hair?!"
Erik nodded, "They are looking everywhere for a princess. So from today, you are Daniel, the village lad."
"I..." Sheridan ran a hand through her long, silky tresses and let out a sad sigh, "I...understand."
Erik took out some scissors.
"Be gentl-" There was a loud snip of the scissors and her thick locks fell on her lap. Her wail filled the room.

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Sheridan sobbed quietly in her sleep. Erik kept watch throughout the night. He looked sadly at the fallen princess.

"I will restore your family's former glory," he sweared quietly.

And then Sheridan muttered something strange in her sleep. Erik felt uneasy but he moved closer to hear.

"Ryora..." she muttered softly with a smile.

"Les..." and she had a crease in her forehead.

The last word sent chill down his human spine - "Loreilei". She had a blank face but he could tell she never met this people from the strange tone in her voice. she turned over and muttered her father's name with a relieved look on her sweet sleeping face. This time, the tone sounded more like her.

Erik was shocked. He couldn't explain this strange phenomenon. The princess had a secret power? He had seen this power in his dragon days but it only occured in one in a trillion mages. The power of InterWorld Connection, he recalled his dragon mates calling it. The user is able to stepped out of his/her known realm and recognise people they never met before in their trance state. Erik shook his head and spotted something unusual - ice layer forming around the princess body. He quickly stood up, as if expecting something and tried moved his lady's body away but a barrier formed around her. he quickly withdrew his hands from the cold entity.

"I told you, don't bother me. i am disaster," strange words enchoed in Erik's mind. He spun around and shouted into blank space.

"Let her go! What has she done to you?!"

"I will, if you tell me something I need to know," a unusually sweet voice shispered. Erik was shaken. He knew that voice and he quicly covered his ears. He was not about to be entranced again.

Then he saw her, the very same girl he swore never to cross path with ever again. Loreilei glided towards him, like a swan across the calm pool of white waters.

"Let go," she said and he obediently put down his hands, before realising it. "Silly dragon. You cannot ignore me. Now, tell me about the man behind the rebellion."

'tsh," Erik glared and reached for his sword.

"Not a good idea,put it down," Loreilei commanded. Erik struggled against her and finally break her spell. He swung it hard on her. The girl broke into pieces. she was just a statue.

"You are strong but I'm smart," Loreilei laughed but she was nowhere in sight. "i'm right here."

Erik realised she was actually in his mind.

"You broke in again," he snarled to himself. "that's against my privacy policy"

"well you have strong mind so i can't unlock your secret without your permission key," she said, amused. "but what I want to know,you will tell me..unless you want your Mistress to sleep in below zero temperature forever."

"You!" Erik swung his sword in frustration. "Come here coward!"

"Impossible! I am too far."

Erik took deep breaths and replied in controlled rage, "I never knew you were so heartless."

"but you do know that I am from the snow clan. i only want the truth. i don't want to harm the innocent without reason. so don't give me one."

"are you for or with King Royce?" Erik asked. quickly, or she will die!

"Neither. I am with myself."

Erik sighed. this is going to be a long night
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"What do you need to know?" Erik asked in a controlled voice. His eyes kept flicking to Sheridan, her delicate face looking peaceful in her sleep.
"Hurry!" He snapped when there was silence.
Les winced as Ryora undid the bandage.
"Sorry, 'She muttered, eyeing the wounds keenly, there seemed to be no sign of infection. She applied the herb mixture. Les yelped as the wound burned. "Stop torturing me." He moaned.
"Stop acting like a baby." She scolded and finished wrapping him up "There."
"Fine, " Les and leaning forward, kissed her lips softly, "Thank you." He said and smiled.

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Four days later Ryora and Les arrived at a small town some miles away of the castle. Les´ wound wre quite healed and so the both of them started to train their skills. To put it more accurately, Ryora tormented him to death like he would say. She created fireballs, shot these at him and got hurt if he didn´t avoid them. The same went with the close combat and handling weapons.

"Is it fun that you shoo me from one side to the other and back? Last night it felt like my bones were made out of rubber and I had sore muscles like hell. Is it so much fun?" It was evening and only a few townspeople went through the streets and talked in groups about everything and nothing. The both of them went to the nearest Inn to stay overnight. Wrapped in hooded cloats they were disguising themselves as travelers and tried not to attract much attention.

Ryora whispered back. "The only problem is that you are so weak and not properly trained that you can´t endure my methods. Also you shouldn´t weep like a baby. Yesterday you were not bad when this group of bandits attacked us. And I don´t mean your eath manipulation." With that she turned and got themselves two rooms for the night and went ahead to hers.

He starred at her for several seconds, not sure if he should talk to her but took his key and followed.

After she locked the room Ryora leaned at the door and let a deep sigh out. Even though she seemed normal at the outside her mind was a mess. Since Les had kissed her she thought endlessly what this meant. But couldn´t overcome herself and find the will to ask. And that was one half of her frustration. The other part was in her dreams. She still wasn´t able to memorize the full dream but she knew that it got more and more complicated and that soon something was going to happen. If the young man in her dreams had something to do with it?

Why is my life like a black hole I can´t either grab nor control?


Lyko studied the map before him and chew on his thumb. He was thinking about the situation in the last few days. A new king was named, the previous was nowhere to be found, the surviving rebels got executed, the leader was wanted and his own group got slaughtered like lambs.

Maybe he had to leave and start from anew. His instinct told him that nothing good would happen if he stayed in the place he was. But his head didn´t agree with this decision.
Head and instinct fought each other, in the end the head won.

But Lyko got the impression that he should have followed his instinct.
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Erik walked through the town, Sheridan by his side. She was dressed in boy's clothes with her hair cut short and on first glance, could have passed for many of the young village lads. Only on first glance though. Her head was held up and her back straight, looking ill at ease in her clothes as she walked with measured steps.
"Sher-Daniel." Erik said exasperatedly. "Stop walking like that."
Sheridan looked at him innocently. "Like what?"
"Like a ...princess." Erik sighed.

He looked up at the sky and sniffed. "It's going to rain." He said. "We need to find a place to rest for the night and set out for Thorn early morning."
Sheridan nodded and pulled the hood tighter around herself. So much was happening so fast. She looked at Erik from the corner of her eye.
He was a dragon.
Why had no one told her. Her father? or Erik himself?
Thinking about her father, she grew pensive. Was he okay? Will she ever see him.

These thoughts circulated her mind as she followed Erik through the short cut from the forest.

Suddenly an arrow whizzed by and struck the tree over their heads.

Erik frowned and pushed Sheridan behind him as he turned. A large group of bandits surrounded them.

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Erik focussed on the bandits. There was no way to escape except if he´d change into a dragon, but this option was also impossible. His transformation would take to long and Sheridan was unprotected till then. He looked around and searched for the leader of this group.

"We are poor people. We don´t have anyt...." He started to say.

But Erik was interrupted. "I don´t care if you have no belongings with you, you nobody. There are other ways you and your li´l fellow are useful." The leader grinned malicious. The other men also grinned and laughed cunning. Erik clenched his fists. He knew what they were talking about.
Sheridan shivered behind him. She didn´t have an idea what the words of the bandit meant, she only knew that it wasn´t anything which included a warm meal and a dry place to stay.

As the leader dashed foward Erik drew a dagger out of his coat and blocked his attack. When Erik prepared himself to fight back he heard Sheridan scream and at the same time his oppenent threw mud on his face. His eyes hurt and he couldn´t see a thing, but his remaining senses told him that the bandits caught the princess and the leader laughed.

"Zyhahahaha. Move an inch and your li´l friends throat gets sliced. We´ll sell you at the slave market and before that have fun with you ourselves zyhahahaha. How do you like our plans with you." Erik´s armed was grabbed and his hands got tied up. He didn´t resist because he feared that of Sheridan´s safety. And so he and the princess were bound together and the bandits walked deeper into the woods.

"Don´t worry. Nothing will happen to you. I´ll make sure of that." He said that, but he still couldn´t see very well with his eyes.

Suddenly there were footsteps ahead of them and a red haired guy appeared from behind a tree. Sheridan noticed that the bandit´s bodies tensed and a few ones had a nervous expression on their faces and some whispered. The red haired guy seemed a year older than her and his face didn´t reveal what he thought of this situation.

"Fer." He looked at the man who had fought Erik. "What does this mean? I didn´t give you the order to kidnap anyone. You should stay put in the headquarter because of the recent murders in our group. We don´t have time to play around. And you guys too." Now he looked into each men´s eyes. "We should hold together. All of you know how Grandons group was slaughtered. Th..." And again the man named Fer interrupted someone.

He seemed arrogant. "You are only scared Boss. Maybe you are a little bit strong but as soon as there is a stronger opponent you put your tail beneath your legs and hide yourself in a cave. And I´m speaking for all others when I say that we have had enough of you. All of us. You aren´t our leader anymore!" Fer shouted the last sentence and several bandits shouted out their agreement.

That is something I couldn´t have predicted Sheridan thought surprised.

The Boss, or to say it better the ex-Boss, sighed sadly. But then out of nowhere he began to laughed sarcastically. "I should thank you Fer. Yesterday I decided to stick together with the bandits till the end, despite that, my instincts told me to leave. No you give me the perfect reason for my leaving."

"Do you think you can just leave? I´ll rip your body apa..." This time, Fer was interrupted. With a dagger in his throat. He dropped down on the ground. The remaining bandits drew their weapons. Seconds later they as well dropped down. Dead.

Not believing her eyes, Sheridan looked at the corpses. "What is going on Sheridan? I smell blood and death. Say something." Erik whispered and she remembered that he couldn´t see accurately. The red haired guy answered for her. Even though it was impossible that he heard what Erik had whispered.

"You can go now. There are no dangers for you and the girl." His voice was emotionless like his face. Erik tensed and took a dagger from the ground as their helper approached them. "Stop coming nearer. One more step and you´ll get hurt." He was serious.

"Erik what are you doing! He rescued us!" Sheridan screamed.

"You forgot that he is part of this group of bastards. And on top he is the Boss."

"Ex-Boss if I´m allowed to say something. And I´m not your enemy. Like you heard I quit." Again, no emotion.

Sheridan stepped forward. "Then come with us. What is your name?" She invited.

"Sheridan!!" Erik was strictly against it.

And the red haired guy ingored him. "My name is Lyko. And I´ll gladly accept your offer. Your partner seems to hate it. That is quite amusing." Even though he said no smile brightened his face.

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Lorelei slipped out of her tunic and stepped tentatively into clear spring. She sat down gently and let out a sigh. The rebellion had worn out and she had most of her targets killed. But there was still the runaway rebel.

What am I gonna do when my last goal has been accomplished? Is my existence only meant for that?

Marquis Drake Apeiron crept behind a bush and took a peek. There she was - one of the last of the Snow Vampyre Clan. He was sure he wasn't mistaken when he saw her pale translucent skin and silver hair which glimmered in the sunlight. The most notcieable thing was her cold aura. He shivered at the sight of her, unknownst to him if it was due to the guiltiness of peeking at a girl in the bath or her killing intent.

"I know you are there, COME OUT!" she ordered as she pulled her cloth quickly over her body.

Marquis Drake Apeiron stood up without warning as if he had been shocked. So that's the power of Snow Voice...

"I hope you don't take it the wrong way..." he muttered.

"Please be quiet and leave!" she ordered again. Marquis Drake Apeiron felt his legs turning him around to march off.

"Wait! I want to tell you about your family!" He struggled in his suppressed voice. His legs stopped moving. she's thinking...he knew it.

Loreilei stood up from her seat and with a flourish, her tunic became her cloak.

"Do I know you?"

"No you don't but I know you are a 'good' person. After all, you removed some of the rebels for my close friend," he continued without thinking.

"Flattery doesn't work on me and I work for no one. I am for myself," the girl replied coldly.

"ahh...what if I say I require of your service and in return, you get twice the reward? What do you say?" Marquis Drake Apeiron asked confidently. "I promise you the location of the latest hideouts for your clan and also the chance to kill off the rebels who destroyed your home. I know where they are and I have contacts to aid you in this mission."

Loreilei pondered. Can I trust him?

"Yes you can," he said, reading her mind. "You are the best for this mission."

"What is your goal?" Loreilei asked sharply. "you don't just offer so much for no hidden motive."

"No no no. I'm just a simple old man who wants his friend back on his throne," The man laughed, his face half hidden in the shadows.

"of course, this is not a matter of you taking sides. Just completing a mission to get what you want," he added quickly.

"How do I know you are not lying? How do i know we have a deal?" Loreilei asked, still suspicious.

"then we will make a deal your way," Marquis Drake Apeiron replied without hesitation. Loreilei sighed and held out her hand. Marquis Drake Apeiron raised his hand and grasped hers. It felt cold, almost frozen. Loreilei shook his hands violent and he felt ripples of chills travel from his palm to his spine.

"If you ever broke our deal, the magic will freeze you for eternity," Loreilei said quietly and disappeared with the map he gave her.

Millions of miles away, Les was sorting out this ominous feeling. he was a warrior and a hunter in many aspects. He enjoyed preying but he also know what it felt like to be hunted. And the feeling was coming back again
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What a strange person. Sheridan thought about Lyko as they all made their way out of the town the next morning.

Erik had given her a sound scolding for inviting along this strange man.
"You are too naive." He had said angrily. But she did not understand why she could not be kind to the man who had saved her life and Erik's, although she doubted if he needed saving.

Lyko, on his part, was quite emotionless and despite Sheridan's valiant efforts at trying to make conversation, gave brief replies and did not seem to warm up to her.

They set up camp near a stream at night.

When Sheridan had gone to sleep, Erik said to Lyko, "I don't know who you are, but I expect you to part ways with us when we leave this county."

Marion drew a long drag of his cigarette, as he waited for his informant.
The thin, mouse like man arrived an hour later, wearing a large overcoat that trailed to his feet. His eyes shifted over the place, nervously as if keeping constant watch.
He tossed a file on the table in front of Marion silently and Marion paid up without a word. The man turned and left.

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Lyko was lying on the grass, ahead of him the fast-flowing stream. He threw his daggers in the air and catched them like juggling. Except of one thing his mind was empty. He thought about how yesterday he was the greatest bandit in whole Zarbadast and today wandereed with two strange people as a mere traveler.

Now I have to begin from point zero. On top I got myself two perfect comrades. He thought a bit sarcastic and sighed. The girl looks like a frightened little princess and her guardian dog can only bark, but not bite. But how ironic is this. I always had the impression I diddn´t belong to this bunch of cruel and power-hungry bandits which weren´t even able to follow some easy commands. And now I´m lying here on the ground, looking at the sky and listening to the stream. Something I hadn´t have time for before.

Without turning or doing any movement he said to Erik. "Either you come over to me and watch me openly, or you continue being stubborn and destroy this beautiful scene for me with your glares." Again his voice didn´t express an emotion. That was his weak point and had been since he was a very young kid. But that was another story.

"I won´t trust you. I hope you are aware of it. If you try to hurt Sheridan it will be the last person you ever hurt." Erik´s voice was tensed and the warning sounded very serious.

It didn´t matter to Lyko. "Continue to bark you little guardian dog." Lyko stood up, put his daggers back into his boots and went back to the camp and laid down for sleeping.

Meanwhile Erik stayed up all night. Still watching Lyko.

Posted 12/10/10 , edited 12/10/10
Lyko dreamt of his last and greatest mischief - he wrecked the last vampyre clan of snow descent and looted a king's worth of treasure. All lost in a stupid gamble, he grumbled silently. Luck was never on his sight on the gambling table but his skills at thrashing around and stealing stuffs are top-notch.

He turned in his position and the image of a young, beautiful yet frightened vampyre entered his mind. she was one of the few survivors and he felt no need to kill her. she"s too young to understand after all. He remembered her mouth twicthing, as if telling him something but with his earplugs on, he could hear nothing. Better not to hear though, he thought. those vampyres have dangerous voice command over mortals.

Little did he know he would be seeing her very soon
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