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25 / F / Do you care?
Posted 1/9/08 , edited 1/9/08
Only darkness
The graveyard is filled whit it
Im sitting here
In the light
Of the small lonley candel
Under the dark three
Writing down my souls
Misery and sadness
I have learned so much of pain
I dont whant to say
“ This world is beautifull”
cuse it isnt really beautifull
I have hear
About pepole
Dying in war thats not
Really have any reason to be
And I have heard of pepole
Thats not accepted
From other pepoles world
No not heard...
I have feelt that

Poem after poem
As I write I feel realifed
And the ink I write whit
Is turning into blood
My blood
The blood I lose when
I got hurt
Of this
Unfair treating
Why dont they just accept
Well i accept
That they dont whant me

Thers not much of the candle left
And I know
That its light
Will leav me soon
And that the drakness
Of the graveyard of broken dreams
Will swallow me
And hold me here
Im not really scared
But I cant say
That Im happy

The light is fading
Im looking at the littl flame
As it fades away
The shadow is coming nearer
And nearer
I feel its calling me
And I know
I cant go away from it
I close my eyes
And waits for the drakness
To come

Why isn it coming
I feel a warm come over me
I open my eyes and see a
A girl
Shes holding a candel
And its light is bright
But it looks lonely

The girl looks at me
She looks a littl like me
But Im not sure
Can I trust her?...
Or are she just like them
Luring you
Into a a hope and then
Break you
Like a mirror
Im not sure
My heart have ben breaked to
Many times....

“ Hey are you alone”
she talkes whit calm voice
arent she scared
of this place
She sees my poems
And she smile
A littl smile
“ you to write?”
I look at her and then I see
She holding papers
And theyr writen on
They to have blood red ink
She to have writen her

“can I be here”
“whit you?”
the questoin is simpel
but for me its difficult
she whants to be her whit me
on this place
I nod as I move
A littl so she
Can have a place
She smiles
And sits
She begins to write
And so do I
We dont talk
I dont feel lonely now
I feel the light
From the candel she brought
I look at her
And she looks back
And then..
She smiled
A smile that
Brought back
My light...
Posted 1/9/08 , edited 1/9/08
Aww! X3 love it great ending to a great poem
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25 / F / Do you care?
Posted 1/10/08 , edited 1/10/08
thank you^^
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