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Mod Applications #2 :)
Magical Sparkler
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Posted 1/27/11 , edited 1/28/11

Risa_Chibi wrote:

Username: Risa_Chibi
Name: Risa Suzukai // Risa-chan
Any Experience?: its hard to explain so yeah.
What program do you use?: GIMP 2.6
How long have you been making graphics?: 10 months (but always forget what kind of sizes)
How active are you? im active
Describe yourself: A girl who is really popular girl in the school. [ funny, flirty, cute, cold, hide emotions, loving, caring ]
Graphic Samples:

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    How Awesome Are You?: mp

  • i'm really really really sorry, buut im going to have to reject you D; your graphics are really cute, but maybe improve on the effects? and fonts? the effect with the same picture inside the bubbly circle thingy is really cute though<3 please feel free to reapply once you improve. :DD
    Posted 1/30/11 , edited 1/31/11

    okay ^^ thanks for letting me try out :DD
    i'll work harder to get accepted! ^^
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    F / Inside of naruto...
    Posted 2/3/11 , edited 2/4/11
    Any Experience?:idk whats that!
    Give an example of a game you want to start:yum or yuck or spam or rate the avii!
    How active are you?ehh most on the time but busy a lil
    Describe yourself:im superrrrrrrrrr weird and im nice and help ful and im mean if you be mean to me ot friend that i love !
    How Awesome Are You?:im idk XD
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