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When you are talking about America invading Canada seems like you're saying America would RAPE Canada.

It is no longer called "spaghetti and meatballs" but "Pasta"

You make a special trip down the International foods aisle in the supermarket and laugh.

You suddenly become interested in history and world affairs.

You (quietly) cheer "PASTA!" when you go down that aisle in the supermarket.

You only watched the Olympics because of your favorite characters were competing against each other, and then got really into it.

When the Olympics were on, you cheered for "Alfred" or "Matthew" instead of "the Americans" or "Canadians."

You're secretly afraid for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. Everyone will become one with Russia…

You automatically assume every French man is a bisexual pervert.

You learned/remembered more from Hetalia History than you did from your fifteen history teachers and textbooks.

You buy/want shirts supporting other counties (British flag) because it makes sense to you and only you.

You find yourself craving McDonalds or a hamburger whenever Alfred hosts a meeting.

You wish you'd have discovered Hetalia when you were still in high school. You're history grades would have been better.

You win your school's history award because Hetalia made history interesting.

All of your history homework and tests are covered in drawings of the countries.

All of a sudden you start speaking a foreign language when excited.

You start craving pasta all day, every day.

You spend at least half your day online looking over Hetalia junk.

Your vocabulary is littered with Hetalia catchphrases, such as "Ve~," "Kolkolkol," "Kesese," and "Aru"

Whenever a big event occurs in a country or affects the world, you rush online to see if there's any Hetalia fanfiction or fanart on it yet.

You try to determine which Hetalia character you are most like

You know the dates of other countries national pride holidays and celebrate them, even if you have no ties to that country.

You suddenly obsessed with certain parts of history and historical figures.

You make a song about Hetalia and plan sing it a con.

For fun, you grab a handful of tomatoes and with a permanent marker, draw various expressions Romano would make

When you become afraid of Russians.

When you say France is such a perv when a girl is talking about her trip there.

When you think Egypt's hot and you don't mean the weather.

When you already started searching for pictures even before you've even watched the anime or read the manga

Ask your mom if you could PLEASE PLEASE have the yellow rubber ducky out of a set with 6 different colors rubber duckies she bought once for Easter. You get it, and you take it with you everywhere, even the zoo

Took pictures of yourself with the yellow rubber ducky mentioned above, on your head

You're actually looking forward to school starting so you can read your history book.

You can't read about the War of Austrian Succession without giggling. ("Prussia has invaded my vital regions!")

You've stopped going to the Graphic Novel section of your library(or at least go less often), and have started to go to the section with all the books on countries, so you could find more information for your favorite characters.

You begin to abuse the word 'Awesome'

When people ask why you're doing something you say "Because I'm Awesome"

Alternatively, you say "Because I'm the Hero!"

When everytime a country is mentioned, you think of the Hetalia characters instead.

You think of Poland whenever you hear the word partition.

You think of how historical events would play out in Hetalia.

You squeal whenever your favorite country/character is mentioned outside of Hetalia

You buy a Volkswagen because in Heaven, the mechanics are German.

You refuse to touch any technology that was made in France, because in Hell the E Mechanics are French

You discover a sudden urge to travel the world

You plan on fully celebrating Canada Day

You do real life RPs (basically cosplay minus costumes) at school, leading to weird situations.

You immediately try to fit any song you hear to a character or pairing

If you never really noticed how unnoticeable Canada was until you started watching APH

You memorize as many national anthems as possible

You get a sudden urge to learn a language that isn't likely to be useful to you ever.

While everyone else complains about how boring history class is you're laughing at how funny it is

You have extended discussions on facebook about who will take over the world: Russia, Japan, Italy or Prussia and Sealand.

You freak out when Jeopardy has questions about your favorite characters.

When you're sleepy, you say, "It's Greece's nap time now," And promptly fall asleep.

When the first thing you thought/said when you heard about Iceland's volcano was "Man he must be pissed!"

You begin to refer to valley girl accents as Polish accents

The Plot Bunny visits you as you're doing homework

When you find out the next topic in history class, you immediately go looking for fanfic about it

You start drinking tea 'cause Austria and England do

You begin referring to you younger brother as "Sealand"

You call your friend and ask for them by the character they act like the most. (If your friend actually responds, they're obsessed too)

You call polar bears "Kumajiros"

You look for vodka whenever you're on the alcohol aisle at stores

Your favorite character's(s) habits have somehow become yours as well

You cheer when you see a flag that isn't from your country.

You call the flags by the Hetalia character's human names (e.g. Alfred's Flag, Arthur's Flag)

You have written your own version of "Marukaite Chikyuu". (and recorded yourself singing it).

Your awesomeness scale goes from '1 to Prussia'.

Your History teachers all think you started cheating on your Exams.

You feel sorry for England when people talk about the Revolutionary War.

On this past 4th of July you made a cake for Alfred F. Jones.

When you went to the grocery store the week before July 4th and saw a cake that said "Happy Birthday America" you thought to yourself 'These Bakery ladies must like Hetalia too'.

You still pretend you don't know who Canada is.

You shout "PASTAAAAA~" or "VODKAAAAA~!" at random points in the day.

The librarian wonders why exactly a 14 year old in the summer holidays is taking out tons of war book.

People wonder how the hell you know all this random stuff about the nations.

It no longer bothers you that you can't control how often you say the words "like" or "totally" because it will add authenticity to your Poland cosplay.

You can't help but giggle everytime someone mentions something about Florida, Big Ben, or The Eiffel Tower.

In a history assignment, you refer to the countries as,'him, her, he, and she'

You try to get your history teacher to get episodes and show the class.

You think of Hetalia when you wake up, when you eat your breakfast/dinner/supper, before you sleep and while you sleep.

You look at the tags of all your clothing to see which Hetalia character gave it to you.

You suddenly want to learn to speak Russian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc. etc. etc.

You actually WANT to learn about and are interested in the History that you once thought was completely pointless to learn.

After seeing Germany's personality on the series, you can't help but feel sorry for him when Germany was run by Hitler.

Talk of the Berlin Wall brings tears to your eyes because you know that the Prussia and Germany didn't see each other for 28 years.

You deliberately read "You know you're obsessed with Hetalia..." just to laugh at how many apply to you.

You think dirty thoughts when someone says something about a country "taking over" another country.

You try to lift something really heavy, because if America can do it, anybody can!

You start to compare Alfred F. Jones to Chuck Norris.

You start to compare Prussia to Chuck Norris.

You're teacher looks at you strangely when you say a random fact about a country in class

You immediately want a world map.. so you decide to ask Finland for one this December

You've written (or will write) your Christmas list to Tino Väinämöinen: Finland…and send it!

You ALWAYS find a way to turn the conversation onto Hetalia even if you talking about something completely irrelevant.

You told your parents you were "doing homework" while looking at/watching Hetalia art and meant it.

You laugh out loud in church because your Preacher says "he was taking a siesta" and you thought of Italy.

You are suddenly looking up the lyrics to the national anthem of all your favorite countries

You were heartbroken when Poland's boss died in the plane crash, and you wonder if Russia did something to cause it.

You've learned Italy's "Doitsu" song, and take your ukulele everywhere with you, so when you find a German, you can sing it to them.

Your teacher finds it creepy that every time you learn about Russia you go "KOLKOLKOL"

You no longer use "Conquering another Nation" in statements but rather "Invading Vital Regions" now

History Channel, Discovery Channel, Life Style Network and of course, the World News are your new favorite channels

Hearing any foreign song will make you think of the APH character singing it.

One of your greatest wishes now is for World Peace

You actually paid attention to the Inauguration knowing that somewhere, the characters are hiding...

When people talk about the Italian army, you have to stifle laughter.

You randomly start singing Hetalia songs as points during the day. Uncontrollably.

You contemplated going to England and then got terrified at the prospect of having to eat the food for two weeks.

You see stuffed bears in shops and automatically want to buy them and name them Kumajirou.

You giggle when you see things with the name Kirkland

You suddenly find yourself joining the schools soccer team

You start taking in dozens stray cats

Your teacher wonders why you burst out laughing when you read "...but England was saved by the great Hero-King Alfred the Great"

Librarians start recommending (and holding) history books for you

When you plan your world tour, you don't go to visit Germany, France, and Spain, but you go to visit Ludwig, Francis, and Antonio

Your once blank bedroom walls are now covered in world maps and flags of your favorite countries

You no longer say goodbye, you say 'Hasta La Pasta'

Your history teacher asks you to teach the class

You cry for Germany when discussing Hitler and the Holocaust in history class

You giggle harder when said friend states "It's really big, and it's cool when you're on top of it!"

Your passwords have something to do with Hetalia

You drink tea and feel so British.

You still can't look at a world map without at LEAST smiling

You tell your friends that (insert object here) was invented in South Korea.

When they give you a confused look, you tell them that confusion was also invented in South Korea.

When someone's face is all red and they say "I look like a tomato", you immediately think "SPAAAAAIN"

You find your old white Teddy Bear, rename it Kumajirou and start to carry it around the house (and everywhere else)

You start to suspect unicorns and fairies might be real.

America Independence Day has a very different meaning and makes you sad.

Now you know it's not Santa, it's Finland!

One day you'll hit people with frying pans, just like Hungary.

Prussia is totally awesome.

The French are bisexual perverts.

Japan obviously has an awesome singing voice.

Italy so did not wake up earlier than Germany.

If you are not humming/singing "Marukaite Chikyuu", then it is still in your head.

Whenever something about World War II comes up, people wonder when you got interested.

You wonder how America would feel about Obama.

You feel super guilty now for not knowing there was a North and South Italy.

You want to move to a country just because you love the character.

You demand everyone to become one with Russia.

You refer to mashed potatoes as 'Germany's squishy potatoes'.

You call the countries by there human names.

You try to convince people that you are the hero

You dress up as Santa

You point out every country you know on a map and talk about them

You see a bunch of country flags and point at them while screaming "HETALIA!! HEATLIA!!"

When you answer the phone you say "Doitsu, Doitsu!!"

You want to go to Prussia, even though you've been told multiple times that it no longer exists.

You know in your heart that the US has nothing to fear from China...because how could any guy who loves Hello Kitty and panda bears and cute things be evil???

You get upset when your history class doesn't cover the HRE in enough detail to prove that he did in fact grow up to be Germany, therefore proving that Germany and Italy ARE perfect for each other.

You walk into history class and, without a word, start laughing hysterically.

You scream "Maple!" anytime you get hurt or scared.

You find all your friends that have ANY Italian heritage and hug them. Then, you proceed to find all your German friends and ask in an adorable voice if they will hug you.

Your family/friends/teachers are getting sick of hearing about history.

You laugh at most inanimate objects you see: a piano, a rose, a frying pan, a faucet/pipe, a tomato, pasta, ect.; and start to cry whenever you see an old fashioned broom.

You dress up like your favorite country for a history report and flip out when you don't get extra credit for it

Your final resolution to anything is: Surrender, go home, sing, eat and sleep.

You spend most of your day day-dreaming about what would happen if one of the countries followed you around and eaves dropped on your conversations all throughout your school day

Every raging alcoholic you see immediately reminds you of Denmark

You get points off of your history paper for putting "he" or "she" in place of country names instead of "it"

You scream "HHHHAAAAMMMMBBBBAAAAGGGGAAAAA" every time you order fast food

You use "bloody" before any insult you say and use "wanker," "git," "hobknocker," or any other British insult you can recall when you curse

You wish you had a pet alien named Tony

The words "perkele" and "faen" have replaced your usage of the word "f***"

You call one of your best friends "Liet" and suddenly find it super-cool to talk like a valley girl

You scream in public about how awesome you are/Prussia is and tell random people to get on their knees and praise you/him

You get an uneasy feeling that you are being watched every time you see a panda

You like to play with other people's hair, the get disappointed when they don't turn bright red when you touch a strand of hair that's sticking out

Any time you see a cat you think of Greece and smile

You have at least one character song stuck in your head at all times

Anytime someone says something bad about Canada you sincerely want to cry and tell the person not to be so mean to him

You feel really weird when people don't know what/who/where Sealand or Lichtenstein are

You are scared to visit Switzerland (as a tourist)

You insist that Prussia isn't dead, he's living at Germany's house and writing on his blog

Anytime a volcano in Iceland acts up, you find it extremely moe

Anytime someone mentions a country in conversation, you butt in with "OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM/HER" and they look at you weird
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