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How far have you tripped CR
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Posted 10/5/10 , edited 10/5/10
I tried cannabis and mj once, it didn't affect me at all. I was like "wtf?.... oh well, I'll just go to sleep" and my friends were acting all high
"dude, I am soo high right now, it's like... you know...."
"yeah sure whatever, let's just go to sleep..."
This friend of a friend had it and we all sat in a circle like a bunch of geeks, it was so freakin' weird and it was one of the biggest FAIL moment in my life. Drugs suck, there's no point in taking them....

I tripped a lot more when I had a 40.3 C (~105 F) fever. I was seeing everything in red and blue and I felt like everything was spinning around me and that I was walking in slowmotion. That was fun except for the feeling of my head splitting open...
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