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Posted 10/6/10 , edited 11/17/10
Copy and paste this to reply! Create your own answers to this fun Fill-In-The-Blank game!!

Your best friend is Canada! (He deserves somebody to notice him! T^T)
You have a crush on Switzerland (Hotness!!! )
You hate France (Sorry, France....)
You get bullied by Belarus (Oh, crap!) and France
You are scared of Belarus (Definitely...)
You go out with for 5 seconds Sealand
You get a confession from Spain
You get in a fist fight with France
You had a one night stand with Japan!?
Your first boyfriend is America
Everybody graduates but Sealand

You marry Switzerland (HELL YEAH!!!)
Your first kid name is Dimitri
You get in a dispute with ....uhm.... I have no idea
You get out of the dispute with the help of Prussia and Germany
You have an affair with Japan
You get caught by Taiwan
The chances of them telling Hm.... 66%

Your husband finds out about the affair, he feels PISSED OFF!
You two get divorced, you drown your sorrows with China
The percentage of you two doing a one night stand 50%

You move in with Hungary
You start having feelings for Greece
You get a confession from Korea
The percentage of you excepting their feelings 60%
You say no, they then go out with Hong Kong
The percentage of you liking them two together 100%

You get ambushed by France (Not again!!!)
The chances of you getting out of their alive Uhm... 95% cause I'm awesome like that and plus Prussia's on my side! :)

You unexpectedly get glomped by ITALY!!!!
You are lonely, you get a plate full of pasta!!
Drunk, you kiss Germany and/or America
Percentage of how much they liked the kiss Germany: 19% cause he loves Italy more than me!, and America: 55%, cause he loves England
You have a huge war against Russia
Your chances of winning A little more than 49%

You die by getting shot!
The only person not to go to your funeral is Russia... of course
This person is the most devastated by your death England (I was his bestie..)
This person is the most happiest that you died Belarus
This person is the master mind of your death Estonia (he never liked me TT^TT)
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