Ghostly market
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Here you shop,eat and have scary fun.
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Raina hummed a song, while searching through the entire for her ingredients,
- Eyes of Newt, Check
- Black Rooster's Blood, Check
- Green morningdew -those fairies ask way to much for it TT.TT-, Check
- 8 Bananas, Check
- Salt...


I'll use my power to find it...


Why the hell isn't there any salt for sale??

Oh wait... Ofcourse, that reason

She sighed, "Guess I'll have to go out on my way for it"
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- Nana appears behind Raina-

Theres no need for that!, here is your salt....
-evil laugh, then dissappears-
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Yaya walked through the streets searching for some Ice cream. "Maybe I should go to the Bat Cafe' ?" she asked herself, shoving past a group of boys in their 16-18' years. "Excuse me..." she said loudly, finding out that there wasn't a way around. They won't let my through... Without another word, she spun on her heel, looking for another route. " I'm not getting raped today!" she growled, walking off into a crowd of people.
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