[Tutorial] Mimiko & Yumiko's Tutorial

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Miyo-chan's GIMP Tutorials

If you dont understand any of this then click on the link here:

Glowing Beams

Here's the sample of how it looks like in the end! and on the end you can text anything i just name this from the group " Kirara Graphic Creations" :

1. Go to File then scroll down to Open. And find the picture you wanted. Since I chose this one pic.

2. Select the botton for Paths Tool.
3. Go to the Layers, Channels, Paths, Undo - Brushes, Patterns, Gradient box.
Click on the background.
4. Go to the New Layer. You can change the name of the layer and keep the transparency and click the button tht says " OK "

5. connect the dot to the top of the corner and goes down to the head of Yotsuba and curve down:

6. Then you go to the waist of Yotsuba and put them straight then curve down to the knee:

7. Third you go to the knee of Yotsuba right and then curve down to the floor:

8. Then when you finish using the path tools go to this small square.

9. Then you and click the button. Scroll down to " Stroke Path "

10. Click on the circle button on the second one. "Stroke Paintbrush Tool" and Click on Stroke.

11. When you click on Stroke. The pic should be like this.

12. Go to " Filters " , scroll down to Alpha Logo to Neon

13. Click on the "Glow Color" and select on what color you want to match the picture. And when you are done you click on " OK "

14. When you click " Ok " you need to wait for to be loading.

15. The on your left side of the channel you select the background, use your mouse on the left and scroll down to "Delete Layer"

16. To your right side of the channel you select the this one first and this one second . If you want to take out the dot right.

17. Then you select on the second botton on ( # 16 ) right then you go to ( # 5 , # 6) and lightly earse them...

And you can see the those two arrows mean its highly earse.

18. then you earse the first two the flower and the head:

19. then you earse the second is the waist:

20. then when you are done you can crop them tall and thin or any size you want.

21. You select on then you click on

22. And now you can use any text on it.

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