Story #1 Chapter 1
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My name's Michiyo Fujimoto and I'm 17 year old. I'm half human and half vampire. All my life I've been running away from places where vampire hunters try to capture me and that's how I ended up here in Tokyo. I've been living in Tokyo for about 2 years now and its been peaceful so far but we'll just have to see about that, won't we? Enough about me, let's get to the story.
“Mi-chan!!! Wait up!!!” my best friend Sakura yelled. I turned around as my hair blew in the wind. I smiled at her. “Ah, sorry Sakura-chan! I didn't know you were following me.” I apologized. She looked shocked and smiled. She tackled me to the ground. “AHH!!! You are just so adorable!! Its okay!!” She yelled. I giggled a little from her addiction to my innocent and shy personality.
“Sakura, you're going to crush her to death if you don't stop.” I heard a bored voice say. Both Sakura and I looked up and saw her older brother Kain. “Don't worry Onii-sama, I won't kill her.” Sakura reassured him. Kain smirked and looked at me. “Is that true?” he asked me. I nodded my head without saying anything due to my embarrassment.
Sakura got of me and helped me back up. “Oh! I forgot Mi-chan! Sensei wanted to me to tell you that today is your concert.” Sakura said. My eyes widened. “Eh?! Sakura-chan, when exactly did Sensei tell you this?” I raised my eyebrow. She laughed nervously. “A-about a week ago.” she replied. “What?!! How come you decided to tell me now?” I yelled running to school.
She and her brother both ran after me. “I told you! I forgot all about it!!” she yelled as we reached the school. We ran to class and sat down in our seats before the bell rang. “Alright class, today we are going to be learning how to speak English.” Sensei said. Sakura raised her hand. “Yes Sakura?” said Sensei.
“Sensei, Michiyo already knows English. Can she teach us?” Sakura asked. Sensei smiled. “Sure thing. Michiyo-chan can you come up to the front of the class and teach?” Sensei asked. I nodded my head and walked up to the board. I took the chalk in my hand and started to write the words, English 101. “Alright so the first thing we are going to learn to say in English is how to say hello.” I said in my quiet voice.
“Aww....she's so adorable!!!” they all yelled. I blushed a bit and wrote on the board, Hello, my name is _______. “Okay. Can someone please read this and insert your name where the blank is?” I asked. Kain raised his hand. I signaled him to start. “Hello, my name is Kain.” he said perfectly. I smiled and said, “Good job. Okay, I will ask you a question and you will reply in English.” I said.
“Hai!!” the class said. “Hello it is nice to meet you. How are you today?” I asked in English. A kid in the class raised his hand. I nodded my head for him to start. “Nice to meet you too. I'm fine.” he replied.

Part 2 of chapter one:
I smiled at him and he blushed. “Very good. Now I wa-” I started to say but then all of a sudden a part of the building blew up.
Everyone screamed and ran out of the classroom. I stayed behind to see what was going on. After all the dust had disappeared, I saw my sister, Miyabi standing with her grenades with her. “Geez, sis, destroy the school why don't you?” I said sarcastically. She smirked and flipped her blonde bangs out of her eyes. “Michiyo, why do you have to be such a fake? God knows that your not actually shy and innocent.” she snided.
I smirked a bit and walked into the girls bathroom with her and washed out the blonde out of my hair, revealing my real black hair with blue streaks. “Well, we can't have everyone know that I'm also half vampire can we?” I told her as I went into one of the stalls. “Yeah, we can't otherwise hell will rise.” She replied throwing a duffel bag with my clothes in it over the stall I was in.
I opened it and changed into my regular black blue shirt with a black leather jacket and my black leather shorts. I changed out of my school shoes and into my high heeled boots then got out of the stall. She smiled at me and said, “Looking good.” I flipped my hair over my shoulder and smirked. “Don't I always look good?” I remarked. She stuck her tongue at me. “Put your tongue back in your mouth before I chop it off.” I said. She quickly followed my order knowing that I would do it.
“Gomen.” she said. “Its alright. Where's my weapons?” I asked her. She tossed me my belt that had all my weapons in it with my leg brace that held my transportable scythe.
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i love it XD epic win
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wheres the next part and if there is tell me in PM cuz i wont be visiting alot sorry
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love it^^
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Awesome story, however there are little grammatical errors like missing commas and such and also there's a mistake where you wrote "I'm am fine," it should be 'I'm fine' or 'I am fine'.

If I sound a little harsh I'm sorry, but you said it was your dream to be an author so I thought I should point out these little mistakes. I'd happily be a Beta reader for you, if you like? ^^
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very awesome!!!! definately a 10!!!
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Amutolovergirl wrote:

wheres the next part and if there is tell me in PM cuz i wont be visiting alot sorry

Hi, its now been updated.^^
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