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Yong keep urging Seohyun to plant one more and told her it was a present when Seohyun found the paper bag. Yong also gumbled a bit that she skipped that to plant the next goguma. Yong only bought the necklace the night before as he dont have the time.

Yong said it was the first time he help to put on a necklace and praise that the necklace is definitely made for her. He joked that he looked like a pirate holding the stick on their way back.

They were very tired hence rested in the shade however they smelled poops. At the rest area while eating, MC Miseo said they should feed each other. Seohyun praised the soup which Yong said was no different from the one made by her previously. Seohyun don't believed him so he told her that after a few tries, her soup will taste like this. (So sweet, everything he said is so sweet)

While they were digging for potatoes, Seohyun teased Yong by asking him the same question he posted to her earlier about "what will come out of you dig well?"

They have no results after fishing for 2 hours. Seohyun sent him to buy mosquito coil while she prepared for the event. In the black room, she was afraid that her gift will be too cheap. 

In the black room, Yong was reminded of the movie "Screaming" (?) when he first saw Seohyun with the mask. (Maybe the movie should be "Scream" instead).

Yong requested the mask to be removed as part of his birthday present. He could not believed there was this side of Seo Ju Hyun and that she would prepared such a surprised event and kept repeating it. Even the mosquitoes were no longer important.

Jinwoon guessed correctly that it was a handmade book by Seohyun when she mentioned that there was another present a fantasy story book.

MC Miseo said there must be something inside the heart and MC Park follow up to guess it was the ring. They were so happy that all the guesses came true today.

Seohyun customised the ring but was afraid that the size may not be right for Yonghwa. After they helped each other with the rings.

SH: find them back again.

YH: Now it will not melt again

SH: No, it is made of silver

After reading the book, Yonghwa felt that his gift was not sincere enough and they started "bickering" about the 2 rows of goguma field.

In the black room, YOng still could not believe that was this side of Seohyun. Is it part of her original character or something that just changed. On the other hand, Soehyun shared that she don't whether to finish the gift or to appear pretty the next day with enough sleep. She only had about 1 to 2 hours of sleep. She was surprised that she could remembered so much about them to make the book.

Yong said Seohyun thought he can't see anything with the mask but he can see everything. Seohyun said that it was not difficult to sing while looking at him. Hence, Yong tried to do it but nearly fell down.

In the black room, Seohyun was not sure whether she should asked the questions about Lovelight since Yonghwa expressed in the black room before that Seohyun kept asking him about the past. Since Soehyun was curious, Yonghwa told her to be frank and just asked directly in the future.

Yonghwa said from now onwards everywhere they go must link hand. After Seohyun linked her hand uneasily, Yonghwa said was it so embrassing before she hold hands with him.

The end

credit to : YongSeo Couple at facebook
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