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Posted 10/10/10 , edited 10/10/10
ur choice to pick anything
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27 / M / My Throne
Posted 10/27/10 , edited 10/28/10
He is Sasuke Uchiha the Avenger of the Uchiha Clan,Very good looking but his looks our only matched by his hatred for those who wronged his clan n family,at times super cool and awesome and one of the best and the only one who can be naruto`s true rival by mastering the power of darkness for when there is light a.k.a naruto there must always be darkness a.k.a sasuke but who says that darkness is evil thats up for you to decide so keep watching n reading naruto shippuden to see wat path our everyday super elite dark n cool ninja sasuke uchiha takes!!!

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I went with evil sasuke right now is the near the top of the evil ninja scale snapping at madaras heels
Posted 5/18/11 , edited 5/19/11
Dont kill me if you are a fan of sasuke
Posted 7/30/11 , edited 7/30/11
So what if hes evil. Hes HOT!
Posted 7/31/11 , edited 8/1/11
I don't thinki that Sasuke is really evil or good but somewhere in between. Right now Madara is sort of pushing him in a ever more dangerous path but I don't think Sasuke is or wanted to truly be evil. I guess we'll have to wait see how this all turns out in the end.
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Posted 12/14/11 , edited 12/15/11
hes evil hot cute awesome
Posted 5/21/12 , edited 5/22/12
I think he is all of the above, he is just too awsome. I think i'm going to faint . I have never seen a chsracter who is cute, cool and powerful. Wow he is just so awsome!
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Posted 9/11/12 , edited 9/11/12
He's hot, sexy, and a little on the evil side currently. I'm hoping Naruto can turn that around. But he's still my favorite anime character of all time!!
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Posted 11/17/12 , edited 11/17/12
He's sexy and evil :3
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