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Posted 10/12/10 , edited 12/14/10

This is a section for every students, teachers & dormitory heads to choose what they've decided to be.

Application form for Students :

Please List Out :
Classes : ______________
Dormitory : Girls / Boys

PS : Students are only allowed to take up 3 classes and not more than that.

Application form for Teachers :

Please List Out :
Classes : ( It will be which class have you decided to teach )

PS : One class can only have 2 - 3 teachers, more than that are not allowed. :D

Application form for Dormitory Heads

Please List Out :
Classes : ( Even if you're the dormitory head, you still need to take up classes as a student. )
Dormitory : Girls / Boys

PS : Dormitories can only have 2 Dormitory Heads

Just post the Application form here and I'll be checking it out everyday, no worries :D
If you wanna know when can you start your lessons and so on, please go to Official List Section to check

Any Further Information?
Contact Pinkzz/Anne
Posted 12/26/10 , edited 12/26/10
Classes : english, home ec.,and theatre arts
Dormitory : Girls - I am a girl, and I would be very mad if you thought I was a boy!-
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