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25 / M / The High City of...
Posted 1/6/11 , edited 1/6/11

matsumoto_akira wrote:

WildgeeseMercenary wrote:
"That and it be rather interesting for the book I'm writing....Seems only fair I write about more than just soldiers, good to keep at least some of the past alive." he said with a sigh

Mei looked interested now as she shifted her eyes to him a little.

"that in a way.......traveling around to meet new people." she says as her expression lightened up a bit 'maybe.....I'll tell him later....' she thought

"yeah, well it seems only fair....alot of good people were lost in all this, and they shouldn't be forgetten" he said as he picked up his bag, walking over to her,"C'mon, let's get on this bird....we can talk more then" he said politely, holding out his arm so he could lead her aboard."Ladies first.."
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