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how will you educate your children? (if you have right now)
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squirrel3d wrote:

Rina-San wrote:

I have a phobia of pregnancy....

I see a preggo and I freak out seriously

So yeah....hopefully it will pass with a bit of cognitive therapy in future....

I'd love to know why you have these feelings...

Just the bump and the bleugh >.< I can't help it! Freaks me out everything from the bump to dying in labor, I wish it didn't but it does. I will get help in future when I'm ready for kids.
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I'd take them out into the outside world.
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well, based on how my parent raised me.
I will never let her touch the computer unless the school required her to do so. And in case, I might teach her about computer tech, and program, power point, video maker for necessary when she need to do school work. [but the time she play game on the computer should be super limited in case she addict to it] . Ignored her most of the time when she a naughty child. Start to educate her properly when she about 3 years old. There more but too lazy to type.
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GheyDeer's 5 step program will ensure that your kid behave.
I charge a royalty for anyone who uses this method.

1. Move to Australia
2. Make secret room in basement
3. Rape daughter
4. Rape daughter's kids
5. Raise kids in basement
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