Hope u Approve
Posted 6/3/07 , edited 6/3/07
I hope use approve Heroes 1, that i just uploaded, anyway, it a really good TV series,
but i think i upload it in the wrong section

if i did, could use still approve it, or if it did not get approved, tell me y?
plz & thx

But i know people would love this, cose its really popular, and interesting
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Posted 6/3/07 , edited 6/3/07
This thread is not needed, PM a media mod if your video was not approved......wait a minute Heroes? sorry dude but first of all, this is an Asian streaming website. Second, we don't approve anything licensed and Heroes is definitely licensed by NBC. Third, making an 'hope you approve' thread is not allowed, imagine if every user was allowed to do this? Also, posting a thread in this section is not allowed either.
Last but not least I am locking this.

Your video will not be approved.

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