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Posted 10/14/10 , edited 10/15/10

As with many much-anticipated album releases, rumors have certainly not been scarce regarding Big Bang’s upcoming comeback of late; according to some sources, the boys will be releasing a 13-track album in mid-November! The original poster of this statement claimed that this album will be titled ‘Electricity,’ which was a rumor flying around in the past as well. (S)he also posted a tracklist of the supposed upcoming songs, which will be titled as follows:
1.) ‘Boy Story’ (Introduction) 2.) ‘Reach the Stars’ 3.) 내일까지 (‘Until Tomorrow’) 4.) 잡을수있다면 (‘If You Can Hold On’) 5.) 다시 만나요 (‘Meet Me Again’) 6.) ‘Let’s Begin’ 7.) ‘Empty’ 8.) ‘La La Land’ 9.) ‘날 깨워’ (‘Wake Me Up’) 10.) ‘Tumor’ 11.) ‘그냥 .. 그만’ (‘Just…Stop’) 12.) ‘Tell Me’ 13.) ‘Reach the Stars’ (Perry Mix)
If all goes well (and this rumor turns out to be true), we’ll be getting the boys back in Korea on November 17th. However, keep in mind that YG Entertainment has not confirmed it so far, so for now, we’ll just have sit tight and wait!
Posted 10/17/10 , edited 10/18/10
wait wait. i though their album is releasing on December.
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